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Ryobi Miter Saw Stand Preview

Ryobi Miter Saw Stand Preview

A miter saw stand will greatly improve both the usability and the capability of your saw. The Ryobi Miter Saw stand, pithily dubbed the Quickstand (model #A18MS01), is one of the more inexpensive and yet functional products you’ll find on the market. The miter saw stand has 400 lbs. of holding capacity, so it’s equipped to not only hold a large miter saws, it can support the saw while also provided enough strength of nearly any type of material you’re likely to cut. The stand is made of steel, and it folds up and down so you can tuck it away when not in use, plus this makes taking it to the jobsite all the more easy.

Bosch Axial Glide 12" Dual Bevel Miter Saw Review

Bosch Axial Glide 12″ Dual Bevel Miter Saw Review

At this year’s Bosch Media Event the one tool that stood out the most was their new Axial Glide 12-inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw (GCM12SD). There is no question that it redefines the operational expectations of a miter saw. Right off the bat you could see that Bosch has basically created a Terminator-style machine that looked aggressive and raised the bar for how a miter saw should function. What’s more, they released it at a $699 price point that matches their existing top-of-the-line 12″ miter saw. That’s bold.

SKIL Flooring Saw 3600 Preview

SKIL Flooring Saw 3600 Preview

Installing wood floors can be exhausting, back-breaking work and the tools needed to support the installation can be a pain to use. Typical wood flooring projects require a miter saw to cut planks to length and a table saw to cut them to width. When starting an installation project, users have to either haul both saws from the workshop or garage to their installation site, or they must run back and forth to make all of the cuts needed until the project is complete. Skil’s groundbreaking Flooring Saw saves time, energy and money by allowing users to make these cuts with just one tool.

Hitachi C8FSHE 8-1/2" Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker Review

Hitachi C8FSHE 8-1/2″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker Review

The new Hitachi C8FSHE 8-1/2” sliding compound miter saw was released to coincide with Hitachi’s 20th year in the business since making the first ever sliding compound miter saw back in 1988. The sliding compound miter saw bridges the gap between much larger radial arm saws and fixed blade miter saws. With the ability to slide the blade assembly, large cuts are made easy. The innovation of Hitachi has not slowed down either. With these new series of saws, more power has been added along with more refinement in the overall machine to help make carpenters’ jobs easier by helping them work smarter.

Evolution RAGE 3 Sliding Miter Saw

Evolution RAGE 3 Sliding Miter Saw Review

Most do not think of a miter saw as a multipurpose tool, but that idea might change with the Evolution Power Tools RAGE3 10″ TCT Multipurpose Sliding Miter Saw which is a “material eating machine.” The saw claims the ability to cut steel, wood, aluminum, plastic and more. In fact they also boast that with their RAGE3 10″ diamond blade, this jack-of-all-trades tool can also cut tile, slate and other flooring and roofing materials. It’s an understatement to say that we wanted give this saw a workout!

Ridgid MS1290LZA miter saw

Ridgid MS1290LZA Miter Saw Review

While other miter saws are playing at being tough, the Ridgid MS1290LZA 12-inch sliding compound miter saw takes a different approach. In fact, it takes the competition to task – with just the right blend of features and finesse. Case in point: show me another miter saw whose miter adjustments can be made with your pinky finger? Can’t find any? Welcome to Ridgid.

Milwaukee 6955-20 miter saw cutting

Milwaukee 6955-20 12″ Sliding Dual Miter Saw Review

The Milwaukee 6955-20 12-inch sliding dual miter saw is a sight to behold. Its digital miter angle readout sets it apart from the competition and allows precise miter measurements at up to 0.1-degree increments. We reviewed this saw against the competition in our Best 12″ miter saw reviews write-up, so be sure to check that out. […]

DeWALT DW718 12" Sliding Dual Miter Saw

DeWalt DW718 Miter Saw | 12″ Sliding Dual Bevel Workhorse

Move along, move along… nothing to see here. That was the apparent mantra of the DeWALT DW718 sliding dual miter saw. It was almost as if DeWalt wanted us to go look at the competition. We tried very hard to find something new or innovative about the rugged DeWalt DW718 miter saw, but aside from its […]