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mud mixer

Review10.0(out of 10)
Makita 18V Cordless Mixer XTU02

Makita 18V Cordless Mixer XTU02

Not content to let the Milwaukee mud mixer or the DeWalt 60V mixer dominate the new world of cordless mixing tools, Makita released a lighter-weight solution that uses just a single 18V battery. We put our hands on the new Makita 18V cordless mixer (model XTU02T) and used it to mix everything from paint and […]

Review8.5(out of 10)
DeWalt DCD130 60V cordless drill mixer

DeWalt Cordless Drill Mixer DCD130 Review – 60V FlexVolt Power

DeWalt Cordless Drill Mixer Flexes its 60V FlexVolt Muscle in Concrete The DeWalt cordless drill mixer ain’t your daddy’s mud mixer: it’s a protein shake-drinking, powerlifting, 60V FlexVolt beast that can mix concrete. Multiple buckets of it on a single charge. I’ve been mixing it up with the DeWalt DCD130 for a couple of months […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
Festool Mixer

Festool Mixer MX 1200 EEF Review

It’s not good to get mixed up on the job, that is, unless you’re grout, mortar, mud, or paint. In fact, in these cases, failure to get good and mixed up makes for some shoddy results. Getting a good mix is important, and there are a number of manufacturers that make tools to help us […]

Review9.1(out of 10)
Ridgid Dual Paddle Programmable Mud Mixer

Ridgid Dual Paddle Programmable Mud Mixer

I tend to have my doubts about a lot of new technology in tools. Building construction and remodeling is a dirty, hands-on, labor-intensive industry that requires a lot of human input. When I received word that I would be reviewing the new Ridgid Dual Paddle Programmable Mud Mixer, I can’t say that I felt that […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
Ridgid R7135 Mud Mixer

Ridgid R7135 Mud Mixer Review

On my jobsite, one could say that I’m a little spoiled for choice when it comes to the various ways I can use a mixer. At any given point during any given day, I could find myself mixing or blending thinset, grout, concrete, paint, or drywall mud. The right tool for the right job is […]

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Mud Mixer

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Mud Mixer 2810-20

The number of Pros who have burned up a drill motor by trying to mix with it is roughly equal to the number of Pros that have ever mixed material. Until recently, there haven’t been many good options for cordless mixing, so we all just kind of settled in and thought “someday…” With the Milwaukee […]