June 21, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros


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FLIR CM174 Imaging Clamp Meter

FLIR CM174 Imaging Clamp Meter

FLIR is a leader in thermal imaging for police and military applications. Now it has introduced the FLIR CM174 Imaging Clamp Meter – the world’s first thermal imaging clamp meter. FLIR calls the built in technology IGM™ – Infrared Guided Measurement. This combination of Lepton Thermal Imager with a 600A AC/DC clamp meter is certain to […]

General ToolSmart bluetooth copy

General ToolSmart Tools with Bluetooth Connectivity

General ToolSmart Tools include Bluetooth connectivity for capturing data to your smartphone and helping you perform calculations on the fly. While General Tools is no stranger to multimeters and inspection cameras, this foray into app-enabled Bluetooth connected tools is a decidedly huge step forward into the estimating and MRO markets. As more and more of our […]

Klein Test and Measurement Update - Winter 2015

Klein Test and Measurement Meter Line Expands

Klein Test and Measurement Line Welcomes New Members Klein has announced a boat load of new instruments aimed at the professional electrician. The new Klein test and measurement tools feature easy to use dials and buttons, backlit displays, molded test lead holders, and protective over-molded housings. The complete line meets CAT III or CAT IV safety ratings as defined […]

Ideal 4-in-1 Clamp Meter (61-704) application

Ideal 4-in-1 Clamp Meter (61-704)

Clamp meters are a popular choice among professional electricians thanks to the ability to clamp directly to a wire or cable rather than attach probes. Ideal Electrical has a new model that is now available and is worth taking a look at. Technically, the Ideal 4-in-1 clamp meter got an upgrade from the 702 model […]

Amprobe PK-100R Electrical Test Kit Review

Amprobe PK-100R Electrical Test Kit Review

Some people have extensive electrical test and measurement devices on-hand, ready to go at a moment’s notice. But there is the homeowner who doesn’t need all that much – and why spend more than you have to to get a basic kit that can handle light-duty testing for live power and ensuring that the outlet […]

Milwaukee True-RMS Clamp Meter 2237-20

Milwaukee True RMS Clamp Meter 2237-20 Review

In my time I’ve used a lot of meters. Ever since my first home, I’ve installed enough circuits and cabling to rewire half a city block. I’ve had a trusty Fluke meter for some time as well as a number of generic voltmeters and such that have done the job sufficiently, albeit with varying degrees […]

Ryobi Tek4 4V Cordless Tools Reviewed

Ryobi Tek4 4V Cordless Tools Reviewed

Ryobi’s new Tek4 line of 4V lithium-ion products spans a range from measurement to safety to portable power backup. All tools share the same 4V rechargeable power source and sport an industrial look with Ryobi’s new signature green color adorning each of the dark-gray colored tools as trim. Since all of the new Tek4 tools use the same li-ion 4V battery (AP4001), delivering over 200 charges and longer-life than what you can get with standard Alkalines.