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Simple Man Products Spyder 2-in-1 Bore-Blade Review

Spyder Bore Blade Review

We applaud inventive ideas and progress and it is fun when we see new things. It is just that good ideas don’t always make for a great product. Take the case of the Spyder Products 2-in-1 Bore-Blade: it might have been better left as an idea, since we did not have good success with them on our simple project. For most professionals, when cutting wood, we use a wood blade. When cutting metal ,we use a metal blade. And if we are doing plunge cuts, there are specific blades available that do an excellent job at that as well. When you start combining too many different features into one product, this is where things can get tricky because something is going to suffer. We were excited to give the new Spyder Bore-Blade a try to see if it could do all that the company claimed.

Milwaukee diamond grit Sawzall blades

Milwaukee Diamond Grit Sawzall Blades

The new Milwaukee diamond grit “THE TORCH” Sawzall blades are designed for extended life and improved performance in cast iron. Featuring coarse industrial diamond grit embedded in high strength nickel alloy braze, the new blades last up to 30 times longer and cut up to 2 times faster than traditional carbide grit blades.