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Milwaukee Diamond Grit Sawzall Blades

The new Milwaukee diamond grit Sawzall blades are called THE TORCH for good reason. These Sawzall blades are designed for extended life and improved performance in cast iron. Featuring coarse industrial diamond grit embedded in high strength nickel alloy braze, the new blades last up to 30 times longer and cut up to 2 times faster than traditional carbide grit blades.


“Milwaukee diamond grit Sawzall blades provide fast and straight cuts in abrasive materials like cast iron that are traditionally a struggle to cut accurately,” says Erich Herman, Director Marketing Product Management for Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation. “Current methods for cutting cast iron include carbide grit blades, abrasives, and pipe snap cutters. While each of these methods will eventually get the job done, the user does not generally get a quality cut, and there are potential accessibility issues.”

In addition to providing diamond grit for longer life, the new Torch Sawzall blades feature a 1″ tall durable profile. This added height helps to deliver straighter and cleaner cuts. The new blades are available in 9″ for larger diameter cutting and 6″ for more control on smaller diameter cutting. The Torch Sawzall blades with diamond grit technology also excel in cutting other hard and abrasive materials such as fiberglass, grade five porcelain tile, brick, ceramics, masonry, and plaster.


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