Spyder 3×3 Reciprocating Saw Blade Preview

Spyder 3x3 Reciprocating Saw Blade

Spyder 3×3 Reciprocating Saw Blades Feature 8% Cobalt

Have you seen the Spyder 3×3 Reciprocating Saw Blades? These look and act very different from traditional recip blades or even the original Spyder 2-in1 Bore Blade reciprocating saw blades. They feature teeth on the front and back. That’s easy enough to understand. Sometimes you’d like to make an upward cutting stroke without having to turn the tool upside down. They take it a step further by including teeth on a rounded front. This is supposed to make it not only possible, but even easy, to deliver plunge cuts in wood, PVC, and metal. Having been so impressed with the Spyder jigsaw blades we reviewed a couple years ago, we were anxious to see what the new 3×3’s would do.

Knife enthusiasts are familiar with what the addition of cobalt does to a blade. It strengthens it. The 8% blend found in Spyder’s recip saw blades is designed to increase the durability and the recommended materials for use. Nail embedded wood, pipe, plastic, sheet metal, and fiberglass are all on the menu for the Spyder 3×3.

Spyder 3×3 Blade Sizes

  • 6″ – 6 x 10 TPI
  • 6″ – 10 x 14 TPI
  • 6″ – 14 x 18 TPI
  • 8″ – 6 x 10 TPI
  • 8″ – 10 x 14 TPI

With cobalt in the mix, will it be able to keep up with Milwaukee’s Ax and Torch recip blades? We’ll have to withhold judgement on that until we actually get our hands on them. I’m not sure that anyone is going to be able to touch Diablo’s new Carbide Tipped recip blades for a while, but you also pay a premium for all that cutting power. What these new Spyder blades do bring to the table is more versatility in the number of ways you can cut with the blade. It also offers an outside the box way of thinking about lifespan with the ability to use three different contact points for cutting.

As usual, Spyder appears to be pushing the boundaries of innovation in their blade designs, and hopefully they’ve overcome some of the limitations we found with their earlier iterations. You can find Spyder 3×3 Reciprocating Saw Blades and Lowe’s and Menards nationwide. They’re currently running in the $4 – $5 for one blade. You can see more about Spyder’s latest innovation by visiting their website.

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