Best Ridgid Combo Tool Kits

Ridgid R9208 18V brushless 2-tool combo kit

As a fan of Ridgid power cordless tools you may both celebrate and lament each time their cordless combo kits get an update. Do you upgrade to the latest and best combo kit or do you hang on to what you already have? This goes double if you already have your tools registered for the Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement and have free coverage for your batteries and tools. Following are our picks for the best Ridgid combo kits based on various applications and priorities.

Best Ridgid Combo Kit Overall

Ridgid 18V Brushless 2-Tool Kit

best Ridgid combo kits

By far, this Ridgid 18V brushless hammer drill (R861152) demonstrates the fastest and most powerful hammer drilling times yet. With more torque than the similar Ridgid R86115, Ridgid has moved significantly higher up our best cordless drill charts. This also holds true for the 4-Mode R862312 18V brushless impact driver. If you can afford it, this Ridgid combo kit gives you the very best starter tools the company has to offer. Plus, the newest models offer the convenience of a more compact design without sacrificing performance.

The Ridgid R92082 18V Brushless 2-Tool combo kit runs $299 and includes both 6.0Ah and 4.0Ah Max Output batteries, charger, and hard case.

Most Comprehensive Ridgid Combo Kit

R96265N 9-Tool 18V Brushless Combo

Ridgid R96265N 9-tool kit

If you like the Ridgid brand and you want to jumpstart your tool collection, consider the R96265N 9-Tool 18V Brushless Combo kit. It gives you close flagship or near-flagship brushless models for several key tools. You get the R86115 hammer drill, R862311 impact driver, R8647 reciprocating saw, R86047 paddle switch angle grinder, R86240 oscillating multi-tool, R8657 circular saw, and R8695 LED work light.

You can pick up this comprehensive Ridgid combo kit at The Home Depot for around $699. It comes with the aforementioned tools as well as a 4Ah and pair of 2Ah pair of MAX output batteries (3 total).

Best Compact Ridgid Combo Kit

R97801 18V Brushless SubCompact 2-Tool Kit

SubCompact Brushless 2-Tool Kit

You can save a lot of money (and weight) if you don’t need the absolute most powerful tools Ridgid has to offer. If that works for you, consider the R97801 brushless subcompact 2-tool kit. You get the Ridgid R87012 subcompact brushless drill along with the 4-mode Ridgid R872311 subcompact impact driver. Along with these two very capable brushless tools, you get a pair of 2Ah batteries, charger, and zippered tool bag.

You can pick up this compact Ridgid combo kit at The Home Depot for $199 (or less—look for discounts).

Best Ridgid Combo Kit Value

R9272 18V Brushed 2-Tool Kit

Ridgid R9272 18V Brushed 2-Tool Combo Kit

Up until now, our recommendations have targeted high-end brushless tools. Those tools offer some advantages in runtime and the ability to maintain constant torque and speed. Brushed tools still provide plenty of power. If you need to stay on a tighter budget, the Ridgid R9272 18V Brushed 2-Tool Kit delivers excellent performance at a value price.

The kit includes the R86001 18V 1/2 in. Drill and R86002 Impact Driver along with two 2Ah batteries, charger, and tool bag.

Pick up this kit for $169 or less (we see it frequently discounted).


Those are our picks for the best Ridgid combo kits. Whether you want the best, most comprehensive, or the best value—the recommendations above should help you on your way. Keep in mind that Ridgid offers dozens of varying systems that combine various tools for both DIY and trade applications. If you need a circular saw, for example, you may find that picking one up as part of a kit may net you an almost-free reciprocating saw in the process.

We can’t possibly include every combo kit here due to how quickly they change. We focused on the kits that should have some staying power until the next power tool update. At that point, we’ll be sure to revisit this article and update it accordingly. Happy shopping!

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