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Hooyman Sledge Hammer Review

Hooyman Sledge Hammers Make a Tough Job Easier on Your Arms When you’re manually breaking up concrete or driving a wedge, you need a sledge and they’re not all created equally. We got our hands on several Hooyman sledge hammer options to get an idea of what sets them apart. Hooyman Sledge Hammer Hooyman sledge […]

Armstrong MaxxLock Hammers and Sledges

Armstrong MaxxLock Hammers and Sledges

Armstrong Industrial Hand Tools recently announced its new Armstrong MaxxLock Hammers and Sledges. These impact tools feature newly re-designed composite-wrapped fiberglass core handles that outperform steel rod handles while being significantly lighter. This will be particularly helpful to those who often work overhead or at height. The fiberglass tests beyond 5,000 overstrikes without bending. It also outperforms […]