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Hooyman Sledge Hammer Review

PTR Review
  • Overall Rating 9.7

As striking tools go, Hooyman's quality is up there with the best we've tested. Overall, their sledge designs make a tough job easier thanks to a lot of attention to the details in the handles and grip. If you're on the hunt for sledge hammers that are built to last, we heartily recommend giving Hooyman a shot.

Overall Score 9.7 (out of 10)

Hooyman Sledge Hammers Make a Tough Job Easier on Your Arms

When you’re manually breaking up concrete or driving a wedge, you need a sledge and they’re not all created equally. We got our hands on several Hooyman sledge hammer options to get an idea of what sets them apart.

Hooyman Sledge Hammer

Hooyman sledge hammers start with a 1045 high-carbon steel head. They’re available in 8, 10, and 16-pound weights. As far as the design itself goes, they’re pretty standard with a smooth face on both sides.

Anyone can make a steel head and as long as it’s connected well, it’s usually the handle that sets these tools apart from one another. Hooyman goes for a 36-inch reinforced fiberglass core design.

There’s some debate on our team about fiberglass vs wood handles. The bottom line is that fiberglass handles such as the ones Hooyman uses aren’t as sensitive to environmental conditions and tend to be more durable than wood. The reinforcement these sledges use ensures you won’t snap or crack it the first time you overstrike your mark.

The top of the handle near the connection and the last 14 inches of the handle have a cushioned no-slip grip. We really appreciate the grip near the top since that’s one of your main hand placements at the beginning of each swing.

The grip is comfortable and secure with or without gloves. However, it can cause blisters on your bare hands as you swing and sweat, so we recommend wearing gloves when you’re working.

The combination of fiberglass and overmold materials does a nice job of absorbing vibration for the abusive tasks these tools are designed for.

One nice touch is a hole at the base of the handle. You can use it for tethering when you’re working at height and/or to hang the tool for storage.

Hooyman Hand Sledge

Hooyman’s hand sledge is essentially a miniature version of their full-size sledges. Available with either a 2.5 or 4-pound head, they’re made from the same materials, have the same handle overmold (except none at the top), and include a tether/hang hole.


Hooyman prices their sledges exactly where we expect for quality fiberglass-handled models. They’re right in line with brands such as DeWalt and Razor Back. We’ve seen the best prices direct from Hooyman with free shipping. You can also find them online at The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon, and others. Each tool comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • 2.5-pound hand sledge: $21.99
  • 4-pound hand sledge: $29.99
  • 8-pound sledge: $39.99
  • 10-pound sledge: $49.99
  • 16-pound sledge: $54.99

The Bottom Line

As striking tools go, Hooyman’s quality is up there with the best we’ve tested. Overall, their sledge designs make a tough job easier thanks to a lot of attention to the details in the handles and grip. If you’re on the hunt for sledge hammers that are built to last, we heartily recommend giving Hooyman a shot.

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It’s nice to see a review of a NON-power tool here. Hand tools existed long before power tools, and in many cases are a better choice. For example, it’s a lot harder to over tighten a screw or bolt with a hand tool than an impact tool.

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