April 23, 2021

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Lixer Calibration tools

Lixer Tools Tape Measure Calibration Products Review

Lixer Tools has several excellent products for calibrating and checking tape measure accuracy. These range from the Lixer Gage Block to the Lixer Master tape measure calibration tool and even a calibration station and bench square. Originally, these tape measure calibration tools came in wood. Now, Lixer constructs these products from anodized aluminum or 303 […]

Spec Ops Tools Review

Spec Ops Tools Review | Supporting Veterans and First Responders

Spec Ops Tools Exists to Provide Quality Tools While Supporting Veterans We’ve spent the last couple of months getting to know Spec Ops Tools. Their story is bigger than just producing tools and if you have a heart for our military and first responders, it’s a story worth knowing. Who is Spec Ops Tools? According […]

milwaukee tape measure giveaway

Milwaukee Tool National Tape Measure Day Giveaway

In celebration of National Tape Measure Day, we’re giving away an exclusive Milwaukee Tool Tape Measure Kit and two 25ft Wide Blade Tape Measures (check out our review). One lucky winner will get an exclusive Milwaukee PACKOUT tape measure kit including a 25ft STUD Magnetic tape measure, a 25ft Wide Blade Magnetic tape measure, a […]

Craftsman Pro Reach 25 ft Tape Measure

Craftsman Upgrade Extends Blade Standout Craftsman has upgraded the Pro 25 ft tape measure. The CMHT37565LW Craftsman Pro Reach 25 tape measure should appeal to the Pro and DIYer alike with its 14 ft standout, wide blade, and improved durability. Craftsman CMHT37565LW Key Features The Craftsman Pro Reach 25 ft Tape Measure features 14 ft […]

Review9.2(out of 10)
Crescent Lufkin ShockForce Tape Measure 01

Crescent Lufkin Shockforce Tape Measure Review

Crescent Lufkin Shockforce Tape Measure Is Incredibly Tough The Crescent Lufkin Shockforce Tape Measure is coming out with some crazy durability claims – 100′ drop testing crazy! It comes in both regular and Nite Eye versions (remember the Black Widow tape?) and we’re putting it through more than just our standard tape measure tests. Pros […]

Best Tape Measure Shootout

Best Tape Measure Shootout

Tape measures are a staple in everyone’s toolbox from the most seasoned Pro to the greenest DIYer. Ranging in length and price, most cost less than $30. But are all tape measures created equally? Of course not. We’re breaking things down into the categories our Pro team say are most important when they’re using a […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Milwaukee Stud tape measure Gen 2

Milwaukee Stud Tape Measure Review

We first got to put our hands on the Milwaukee Stud Tape Measure at their NPS 2018 media event. Now, the company updates the line with a Gen 2 model. It features a wider tape, more options, and improved features like an Architects scale and double-sided printing. Pros Excellent housing durability Outstanding blade durability High […]

Review8.4(out of 10)
Klein Tools 25-Foot Double Hook Magnetic Tape Measure

Klein Magnetic Tape Measure Review with Double Hook

When a company has been around as long as Klein Tools, you have to figure it has a finger on the customer’s pulse. Klein’s 160 years of tool making experience conveys a certain expectation of form and function. The same goes for the Klein Tools 25-Foot Double Hook Magnetic Tape Measure. Journeymen electricians like me—and […]

Tape Measure Markings

Tape Measure Markings: What Are They For?

Our minds have a remarkable ability to gather the information we seek and disregard surrounding information we don’t deem necessary. We’re not just talking about the cognitive blind spots of the folks you’d just as soon ignore on Facebook! There are little, everyday things that become effectively invisible to many of us. For instance, consider […]