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Johnson Level 40-6005 230' Laser Distance Measure Review

Johnson Level 40-6005 Laser Distance Measure Review

Tape measures are great, but for anyone who’s done layout work or estimated for a significant construction project, you aren’t going to get much joy out of dragging out a physical tape 200 feet tape measure. The new Johnson Level and Tool 40-6005 Laser Distance Measure is a tool that takes the walking and dragging out of the distance measuring game. It’s super compact in size, yet it has an incredibly useful range. But that’s all common features of a technology that’s commonplace now. Where Johnson attempts to distinguish itself is in its flexibility and speed. The Johnson Level 40-6005 can handle taking measurements from as little as 2 inches out to its maximum of 230 feet. On top of that, it’s lighting quick, thanks to a fast on-board processor that delivers results faster than just about any other similarly-priced laser distance measure we’ve used. Accuracy is also an astounding +/- 1/16 of an inch – even out at long distances. And, just to make sure that you are on target, a built-in laser pointer shows you exactly where you are aiming. Now let’s break down the features a little at a time.

DeWalt DWHT33385 25ft Tape Measure Review

DeWalt DWHT33385 25ft Tape Measure Review

Many might think that once you have used one tape measure, you have used them all; and to this person I would say that you really need to try out the DeWalt DWHT33385L 25ft Tape Measure. This tape measure includes a number of features and upgrades that most casual users and professionals will quickly appreciate. The blade lock is among the best we have used and the extra large blade tip makes hooking the tape super easy on just about any side. With a 13 ft stand out, reaching and working by yourself is easier thanks to the rigid blade.

Johnson 25' PlanReader Architect Series Power Tape Review

Johnson 25′ PlanReader Architect Series Power Tape Review

Oftentimes, when out in the field, it can be difficult to measure plans to verify dimensions. With the new Johnson 1819-0025 25′ PlanReader Architect Series Power Tape, you have both 1/8″ and 1/4″ architectural scales built right into the bottom of the tape. With larger, easy to see numbers on the top side of the tape, you can do your regular measuring and layout work. When you need to go back to the drawing board to check some dimensions or verify the size of something on the plans, just flip the tape over and you have the two most common architectural scales at your fingertips.