Lixer Tools Gage Block

I came from a background of scientific environmental testing and one thing that is a theme throughout the analytical science community is that the results of your lab testing is only as good as the accuracy of your instrumentation. This idea carries over into the tool world as well as some jobs have tight tolerances on measurements for the product to come out as promised. Lixer Tools Gage Block has a solution for checking the accuracy of your tape measures, steel rule, calipers, and micrometer with the Gage Block.

Traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), each Lixer Tools Gage Block is measured with Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM). Some contractors prefer to take this calibrating tool with them when selecting a measure or rule to simply check the accuracy of the measuring device they would like to purchase or find the one that is the most accurate. For those that use calipers, the Gage Block can be used to identify Abbe error.

Lixer Tools Gage Block Features

Each tool is made from solid stainless steel and comes in a custom fit padded storage container. The Gage Block comes in three variations based on the amount of acceptable error. For $299.95, the accuracy is +/- 0.001. In the middle of the lineup is an error of +/- 0.0005 for $289.95. For those requiring the tightest tolerances, there is an option of +/- 0.0002 which will set you back $325.95. Each product comes with a certificate tracing its manufacturing to NIST standards. Lixer warranties its products for 1 year. For more information or to purchase the Lixer Tools Gage Block, visit Lixer’s website.


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