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Review8.0(out of 10)
Toughbuilt Tool Belt

ToughBuilt Tool Belt Review TB-CT-101-4

ToughBuilt Tool Belt Gives Us Comfortable Options Ah, the tool belt. The right setup makes you more productive and keeps you comfortable even in the summer heat. The wrong setup simply makes for a frustrating experience. We got our hands on a ToughBuilt Contractor Tool Belt Set to see which way it goes. Pros Easy […]

best tool belt reviews

Best Tool Belt Reviews 2022

This review started off as a sort of bait and switch. You see, I was asked if I would like to review “a tool belt or two” for Pro Tool Reviews. “Sure, send them over,” I said. Reviewing and choosing the right or best tool belt or tool rig isn’t hard if you’re picking from a few products. After […]

Review9.2(out of 10)
The Denali DiamondBack Toolbelt and Deluxe Suspenders

Diamondback Toolbelts Denali and Deluxe Suspenders Rig

Batman had a grappling hook in his toolbelt. To the best of the internet’s knowledge, Captain America had…more fists of Justice? The jury is still out on that one. In any event, we know the mark of a hardworking superhero is the toolbelt. Tradesmen might not fight crime with our rigs, but our toolbelts are […]

Iron Dog Tool Gear Review

Iron Dog Tool Gear Review

Iron Dog Tool Gear is a completely modular and customizable tool belt and pouch system
designed with the needs of modern day tradesmen and carpenters. With the Iron Dog Tool Gear
System, there is no more wasted space or never utilized pockets. The whole idea of being able to
customize your tool belt rig is fantastic! We think that most folks will be pleasantly surprised at the
quality and value offered with the Iron Dog Tool Gear System.

Iron Dog Tool Gear

Iron Dog Tool Gear

Iron Dog Tool Gear offer amazing quality and a unique ability to set up your work belt rig the way you want it. With their Versa Clip system, you can configure your gear on the move using the many clip points located on the belt and the bags. Beyond the ability to configure your tool belt, you can now actually get the right size and type of pouch you need. With a vast array of sizes, styles, and tool specific pouches and holders you now will be able to have a place for everything and everything in its place.