ToughBuilt Tool Belt Review TB-CT-102-3P

Toughbuilt Tool Belt
PTR Review
  • Pro Rating 8.0

Overall, we like the way the ToughBuilt tool belt system works, and its modular grab and go versatility is appealing. If you're the kind of person who prefers to customize and take just what you need each time you step out of the truck, it's a tool rig worth considering.

Overall Score 8.0 (out of 10)

ToughBuilt Tool Belt Gives Us Comfortable Options

Ah, the tool belt. The right setup makes you more productive and keeps you comfortable even in the summer heat. The wrong setup simply makes for a frustrating experience. We got our hands on a ToughBuilt Contractor Tool Belt Set to see which way it goes.


  • Easy clip-on modular system
  • Wide variety of pouches and accessories to choose from
  • Comfortable design
  • Additional zip-on section for larger contractors
  • Built-in kickstand on pouches


  • Plastic latch on ClipTech Hubs may be a long-term durability concern
  • Lack of in-store retailers makes it tough to try before you buy or quickly grab additional clips in a pinch
  • Doesn’t have a small enough fit for some people

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ToughBuilt Tool Belt Design

Our review set is the ToughBuilt 3-Piece Handyman Tool Belt Set (TB-CT-102-3). It includes a padded tool belt with ClipTech Hubs and 2 pouches. You can also add a third pouch (as we did).

Toughbuilt Tool Belt

ClipTech Hubs form the connection between the belt and pouches. Primarily plastic in construction, they slip over the belt’s strap and click into place. Once you have them where you like, ToughBuilt’s tool pouches slip onto them and lock them in place.

Toughbuilt Tool Belt

Out of the package, everything fits very securely. However, the plastic latch that locks each ClipTech Hub in place may wear which gives us some concern for its long-term durability. That said, a 3-pack runs about $8, so it’s not financially oppressive to keep a few spares on hand.

ToughBuilt Tool Belt Fit and Comfort

ToughBuilt includes their Padded Tool Belt in this set and it fits waists from 32 inches to 48 inches. If you’re on the larger side, there’s a zippered extension to widen it up. It’s a good range to fit the vast majority of folks, but we did have one guy on our crew who was a bit too small to wear it comfortably.

Toughbuilt Tool Belt

The belt is secured with a hook and loop connection and an oversized plastic buckle. There are also suspender connections if you’d like to add a set.

ToughBuilt uses foam padding covered by a flexible, breathable web. This allows for better airflow and comfort, but it’s not likely to last as long as the leather tool belt I’ve been wearing for the last 13 years. Every tool belt manufacturer has to make the same materials decisions, and it’s more preference than an issue of quality in this case.

ToughBuilt Tool Belt Pouches

The 4-piece contractor set that makes up this ToughBuilt tool belt has plenty of storage with 36 total pockets and loops. It’s a little bulky for most of the work I’ve had recently, though.

Toughbuilt Tool Belt

That’s perfectly okay because ToughBuilt has a wide range of pouches and accessories to choose from—30 pouches total. With how easy it is to clip pouches and even ClipTech Hubs in, it’s a system that lends itself to daily customization.

ToughBuilt throws an interesting twist on their pouches with an integrated kickstand. It’s helpful if you want to set them up on the floor or table next to you.

Toughbuilt Tool Belt

For remodelers, electricians, plumbers, and other tradesmen who have a range of tasks within their job descriptions, it’s pretty handy to build out several pouches and simply grab the ones you need for that day or service call. There’s even a wall organizer you can use to organize the shop or your work van.

ToughBuilt Tool Belt Price

The set that we’ve reviewed runs $49.99 before adding an additional pouch. Individual pouches range from $9.99 to $34.99 and bare belts run $10 – $20. That’s a bit higher than some tool rigs. However, there’s an element of versatility that we don’t often see with standard belts.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we like the way the ToughBuilt tool belt system works, and its modular grab-and-go versatility is appealing. If you’re the kind of person who prefers to customize and take just what you need each time you step out of the truck, it’s a tool rig worth considering.

ToughBuilt Tool Belt Specs

  • Model: ToughBuilt TOU-CT-101-4
  • Material: Polyester
  • Number of Pockets: 36
  • Depth: 21.25 in.
  • Height: 13.25 in.
  • Width: 25.5 in.
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Price: $49.99+

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