September 26, 2021

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The Tool Fool’s Stool – The Great Tool Review Coverup

There comes a time in every man’s life when they must stand up for themselves. For too long my voice has been suppressed on this site. You may be asking yourself, “Who is this guy?” Exactly. When this “site” was a real publication—i.e. a PRINT MAGAZINE, I had the last word on each issue. That’s […]

Ridgid R8641 18V X4 Reciprocating Saw cutting helping hand

Getting DIY Help – The Helping Hand Equation

We all need a hand from time to time. Someone to hold a door when your hands are full, someone to help you move into a new place, someone to help you bury a body…you know, the regular stuff. But, with each of these tasks, there is an unspoken cost. The Helping Hand Equation Some […]

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Tool Fool’s Stool: After the Break

When I was shopping for my first home, I did a walk-through of a house that looked, on paper, to be everything we wanted. Even approaching the door, I was full of hope. But the minute that door opened, those hopes were dashed. It started with the paint. You could see where they tried to […]

Top 5 Things Our Fathers Yelled

Top 5 Things My Father Yelled Growing Up

When you’re just a kid, you want to help. You want to be useful. You want to hang out with your old man. But invariably, you’re going to mess up. You’re going to drop something, be where you’re not wanted, or just plain be in the way. Now that we’ve grown, we’re starting to hear some of the same things our fathers’ said come out of our mouths. While they are usually true, we can’t help but think we should try to learn something from the past. We decided to list some of the things we’ve said and had said to us. Maybe we can all remember what it was like to try to help and get yelled at for it.

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The Tool Fool’s Stool: Under Pressure

Fully against my will, I was roped (by my wife, no less) into helping a friend with a major home remodel. He was hopelessly behind schedule and needed to get his home ready for painting. It is an older home (dating back to the early 1900’s) with all the problems and hazards that come with […]

Everyone Needs a Ta-Da

Everyone Needs a Ta-Da! Tool Fool’s Stool

I’m in the midst of moving right now, and we are trying to make this new home our own. Before we moved, we got rid of a lot of our furniture so that we could “start fresh” or, as I like to call it, “find a way to send me straight to the chiropractor.” Yes, […]

Its Not The Size of the Tool

It’s Not The Size of the Tool | The Tool Fool’s Stool

How many of you have gone to a friend’s house and discovered that they’ve bought a new tool that they can’t wait to show you? Honestly, you’re sort of excited to see it because, you know, it’s a tool. And tools are cool. Then, they whip it out. Your jaw drops. It’s…It’s…well, there are no […]

Bacon, fire...Need we say more?

The Tool Fool’s Stool #3: We’re Not Afraid of Fire

Thousands of years ago, a lightning bolt hit the predecessor of the modern pig. While the rest of the humans fled from the strange light, heat, and smells, one did not. One stepped forward and took a deep breath. He wasn’t sure what had happened, but he knew a good scent. “Bacon. I shall call […]

Welcome to The Tool Fool’s Stool

There is a Tom at Pro Tool Reviews. He’s a contractor. A professional tool guy. He can rattle off specs of the latest DeWalt or Milwaukee driver from memory. He wrote that review that made you smile or curse. He’s the one that you can aim like a gun. “Hey, Tom, that guy over there? […]