May 7, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros


Skilsaw Buzzkill Technology Counterbalance

Reducing Vibration in Reciprocating Saws

Tool manufacturers have made great strides in fatigue-reducing features with lighter materials and better ergonomics. These two improvements are all you need for fatigue reduction in a tool with rotary action. But for reducing vibration in reciprocating saws, materials and ergonomics can only take you so far. Reciprocating saw vibration is inherent in the blade’s motion. […]

Casella Havex Vibration Meter

Casella HAVex Vibration Meter M104006 Review

PTR Takes Testing to the Next Level with Casella HAVex Vibration Meter At Pro Tool Reviews, we look to take our testing beyond the subjective “feel” of a new tool. There’s room for that, of course, but when we can compare tools head to head with objective data, it’s awfully hard to argue with the […]

3561 FC Fluke Vibration Sensor

Prevent Mechanical Failure with the Fluke Vibration Sensor – 3561 FC

We know that at least a few of our readers have shops that run all sorts of heavy equipment regularly. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system in place that would alert you to potential maintenance issues in your equipment before they actually break down? After all, predictive and preventative maintenance costs a whole […]