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Klein Tools Kurve 8-18 AWG Heavy Duty Wire Stripper

Klein Kurve Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper Review

Klein has a remarkably deep bench of hand tools with over one hundred fifty types of pliers alone. More than fifty of those are strippers/cutters/crimpers. Today, I have one of the brand’s newest additions, the Klein Kurve Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper. The “Kurve” moniker is a stylized reference to the curve in one of the asymmetric handles designed for […]

Klein Coax Cable Installation Kit

Klein Coax Cable Installation Kit

Klein is moving into installation kits as they expand their offering. One that caught our attention is the new Klein Coax Cable Installation Kit. Coax may be headed the way of the dodo as better VDV cabling moves in, but there’s still a ton of it around. Rather than piecemealing a kit together from tools that […]