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Makita Work Gloves

Makita’s Work Gloves Offer You Protection Without Sacrificing Dexterity Makita’s full range of function-specific work gloves aims to protect your hands, from general-purpose to extreme impact protection. Designed for comfort, fit, and dexterity, these gloves promise to offer protection without sacrificing maneuverability. We’ll take a look at each pair to help you determine which ones […]

best work gloves for 2021

Best Work Gloves Reviewed for 2022

When we realized that, in all our years of writing, we never tackled the question of who makes the best work gloves, well…something had to be done. We quickly assembled the team and began discussing what made a pair of work gloves better than another. We wanted to cover every conceivable application as well. The […]

Firm Grip Dura-Knit Work Gloves

Firm Grip Dura-Knit Work Gloves Review

The Firm Grip Dura-Knit Work Gloves Improve Comfort Dad taught me a lot of good life lessons, one of which is “take care of your hands and feet”. One piece of safety equipment that’s critical to Pros is quality work gloves. As a geotechnical driller, I’ve seen firsthand the difference gloves make when it comes […]

Milwaukee Performance Work Gloves

Types of Work Gloves – Our Pros Cover the Features You Want

Even though our hands are critical to our jobs, some of us neglect to protect them properly. Unlike exposure injuries like respirable crystalline silica to the lungs, injuries to the hands are immediately apparent. That’s because the hands are home to some of the body’s most dense clusters of nerve endings. These nerve endings allow […]

difference between nitrile vs latex gloves

The Difference Between Nitrile vs Latex Gloves

In the Nitrile vs Latex Debate, Skin Allergies Play a Huge Role There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to nitrile vs latex gloves. If you forget everything else, realize that nitrile gloves eliminate the single biggest problem with latex: skin allergies. Regardless of whether you’re an automotive professional (i.e. auto […]

Gearwrench Heavy-Impact Work Gloves

Gearwrench Heavy-Impact Work Gloves

Gearwrench Brings Workwear to Hand Tool Lineup GearWrench has partnered with Mechanix Wear Gloves to keep the hands that are using their tools safe from the dangers of the job. The Gearwrench Heavy Impact Work Gloves help automotive and industrial technicians keep their hands padded, but still functional. Dexterous Protection The idea behind the Gearwrench […]

Ergodyne Work Gloves

Ergodyne ProFlex Winter Work Gloves

Ergodyne Thermal Work Gloves Tackle High-Dexterity Winter Tasks Winter work gloves are great, but they often present you with something of a Catch-22. With them on, your hands stay warm, but you limit your dexterity. Taking them off gives you back your full range of motion and touch, but defeats the purpose of owning gloves […]

Milwaukee Impact Resistant Gloves

Milwaukee Impact Resistant Gloves

Milwaukee Gloves Offer Protection to the Backs of Your Hands Too The International Safety Equipment Association has updated the standard for job site hand protection, and Milwaukee has responded with the Impact Resistant Gloves. This deep line of gloves comes equipped with back-of-finger and back-of-hand protection, meeting the ANSI/ISEA 138 rules for impact protection. Why […]

Pyramex Safety Leather and Dipped Gloves

2020 Models Designed to be Safe and Comfortable Hand injuries comprise a fair amount of workplace injuries, so we try to stay up to speed on new safety products. The 2020 line of Pyramex safety gloves includes both cut-resistant dipped gloves and durable leather gloves to protect the digits that keep us productive. Pyramex Dipped […]

Milwaukee Winter Gloves - Winter Demolition Gloves

Milwaukee Winter Performance and Demolition Work Gloves

There are two styles to choose from—Milwaukee Winter Demolition Gloves and Milwaukee Winter Performance Gloves. Both give you 100% waterproof and windproof protection in cooler weather. They also have a terry cloth sweat wipe on the thumb and a SmartSwipe section on the knuckle so you can stay connected without taking your gloves off. Milwaukee […]