Pyramex Safety Leather and Dipped Gloves

2020 Models Designed to be Safe and Comfortable

Hand injuries comprise a fair amount of workplace injuries, so we try to stay up to speed on new safety products. The 2020 line of Pyramex safety gloves includes both cut-resistant dipped gloves and durable leather gloves to protect the digits that keep us productive.

Pyramex Dipped Gloves

The Pyramex Safety dipped glove line comes in polyurethane, latex, and nitrile options. These are all designed to be the safest, most comfortable gloves that the company offers.

These dipped gloves meet ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 cut standards, with ratings between A1-A9, depending on the model. They also meet the CE EN388:2016 standard, with levels that range between A to F.

Polyurethane, Latex, and Nitrile

The two polyurethane models in the line, the GL403C and GL404C, incorporate a polyurethane palm coating that protects while maintaining hand dexterity. They also include a 13-gauge HPPE liner for further cut resistance, touch sensitivity, and low particulate shed. The GL404C comes in hi-vis orange for better visibility in low light conditions.

The GL503 Latex Dipped Glove provides excellent grip with the crinkle palm coating. A 10-gauge polyester liner offers traction and tear and abrasion resistance.

Four nitrile glove models are available as well. They deliver superior tear, cut, puncture, and abrasion resistance. Each glove incorporates a nitrile pam coating, providing extra absorption and outstanding grip in dry, wet, and oily conditions. A 13-gauge cut-resistant HPPE liner offers even more cut resistance. The GL610C even offers a reinforced thumb, TPR, and touch screen capability.

Pyramex Leather Gloves

Four leather models join the Pyramex Safety glove lineup. The new additions highlight comfort, safety, and function, particularly for those folks working in agriculture, construction, and woodworking.

Pyramex has fashioned the GL1003W and GL1004W models from a premium grain cowhide with a gunn cut.

Editor’s Note: What is a Gunn Cut Glove?
On the palm side, a gunn cut has the palm, little finger, and index finger cut from one piece of leather. The two middle fingers then get sewn in. Then, the entire back with all four fingers are cut from one piece of leather. A gunn cut offers both excellent wear and comfort.

Depending on the model, you can get these with a rubberized safety cuff or rubberized gauntlet cut.

The GL1005W leather glove features a full leather back, wing thumb, rubberized gauntlet cuff, and gunn cut.

The GL2005K glove has been made from premium grain cowhide with a split leather palm patch, keystone thumb, and gunn cut.


You have a ton of sizing options when it comes to the Pyramex dipped gloves. The gloves run from Small to 2XL. Your options are more limited with their leather gloves, which run only in L or XL. The exception to this is the GL2005K model, which runs from S to 2XL.

For more information about the Pyramex Safety Dipped and Leather Gloves, or too see the rest of the catalog of PPE, check out the website.

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