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Review9.5(out of 10)

Helly Hansen Manchester Construction Pant Review

Helly Hansen Manchester Construction Pant Lets Some Contractors Forgo the Tool Belt It’s the same old routine—pull your work pants on one leg at a time, drive to the jobsite, and strap on your tool belt. The Helly Hansen Manchester Work Pant challenges the notion that your work pants and tool belt have to be […]

Ergodyne Lightweight Rain Gear

Ergodyne Adds Hi-Vis Pants and Jacket to Rain Gear Line Up Already known for their protective workwear, Ergodyne Glowear lightweight rain gear adds new elements to that lineup. Both the pants and jacket feature hi-vis colors in lime and orange, to keep you visible to others in challenging and wet conditions. Ergodyne Glowear Lightweight Rain […]

Helly Hansen Luna Collection | New Women’s Workwear

Strong Enough For a Man, But Tailored For a Woman For those of you in the trades who don’t happen to be “man-shaped”, we feel for you. Traditionally, there hasn’t been a whole lot to choose from when it comes to workwear. The Helly Hansen Luna Collection aims to fix that and (literally) has you […]

Helly Hansen Chelsea Evolution Service Pant

Helly Hansen Chelsea Evolution Service Pant

Helly Hansen Chelsea Evolution Brings the Best of Two Materials Together If you haven’t heard of Helly Hansen in your construction workwear searching, you’re not alone. They’re well-known in the outdoor industry and are turning their attention to making workwear more comfortable and functional. To kick things off, I pulled on the Helly Hansen Chelsea […]

1620 Shop Pant Review

1620 Shop Pant Review – Unbreakable Work Pants?

The 1620 Shop Pant has set out to break our pattern of working in cheap, uncomfortable, disposable workwear. For its premium price, the Shop Pant promises unmatched comfort and durability with stretchable, abrasion-resistant fabrics. I put on my pants like everyone else—but let’s see if I’m much more comfortable when I work. Pros Significant stretchability […]

Review8.8(out of 10)

Walls Ditch Digger Pants Review

The call went like this: “Kenny, you’ve gotta try the Walls Ditch Digger Pants. Everyone in the office is wearing them and they’re crazy-comfortable.” There aren’t many people out there I trust when they tell me how much they like workwear, but this guy’s been pretty solid from day one. A few weeks later and […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Walls 832 Move it Pants

Walls 832 Move It Pants Review

Who loves shopping for workwear? If you’re used to stiff, heavy clothing that can stand up to the jobsite with all the style of a kindergartener’s drawing, your hand is probably still down. The great thing about the current trend in workwear is that you can kiss those archaic thoughts goodbye – if you know […]

Review8.7(out of 10)
Dickies Flex Tough Max Denim Jean Review

Dickies Flex Tough Max Denim Jean Review

Without a doubt, my favorite pair of jeans for either the office or the jobsite is the Dickies X-Series. But they’re out to tempt me with something new – the Dickies Flex Tough Max Denim Jean. This one’s a bit different from the norm when you think about men’s jeans. And no, I’m not making […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Truewerk G2 Werkpant Review

Truewerk G2 WerkPant Review: Industrial Athletes Only

Most contractors or tradesmen probably don’t think of themselves as athletes in their specific fields. So when I heard the term “industrial athlete” from Truewerk, they had my interest. When we think of any Pro athlete, we know that the gear that they use is not what you pick up at your local discount retailer. […]