Best Work Clothes For Hot Weather – Men’s and Women’s Styles

Truewerk B1 Performance Tee Review

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s pretty dang hot outside. Of course, if you didn’t know that, why would you be here looking for the best work clothes for hot weather? When we get to this time of year, we lean heavily on Truewerk as our warm weather workwear specialists. As one of the best workwear brands we trust, they’re not the only ones who make quality summer work clothes, but in our experience, they do it better than anyone else. Plus, they have both men and women covered.

Our Top Picks for Hot Weather Work Clothes

Working in Hot Weather: Pro Tips

When you’re working in hot weather, you’ve effectively become an endurance athlete and you need to treat your body accordingly. As a cyclist and former Ironman triathlete, here are my top tips:

  • Drink more than you think you need to. We recommend at least one bottle per hour. Be sure to mix in a sports drink to replace electrolytes.
  • Eat less at one time, but more often. This will keep your energy up and stable through the day.
  • Look for shade and airflow during breaks. The more your core temperature can lower, the more effective your break will be on recovering energy.
  • Wear sunscreen. Today’s sunburn is tomorrow’s skin cancer.
  • Don’t forget your head. The sun can reach through short haircuts, thin hair, and parts, so wear a hoodie or hat.
  • Take care of your feet. Work boots or shoes that breath along with moisture wicking socks can help keep your feet dry and avoid athlete’s foot.
  • Mind your eyes. Wearing safety-rated sunglasses can help you avoid increased eye strain when the sun is at its peak.

Best Work Clothes for Hot Weather — Shirts

Truewerk B1 Hot Weather Sun Tee/Sun Hoodie

Women's Long Sleeve

Truewerk’s B1 series includes short sleeve and long sleeve shirts along with a long sleeve hoodie. Lightweight, breathable, and UPF 50+ rated, they work great as a base layer or standing alone. As you sweat, the polyester material pulls it away from your skin, drying quickly and promoting evaporative cooling to keep your body temperature down.

There’s a nice range of color options to choose from with each style. The price is a little less than what we’re used to seeing from similar shirts, making these an excellent choice to double for your outdoor recreational adventures.

Price: $34 (short sleeve), $39 (long sleeve), or $49 (hoodie)

Truewerk Hot Weather Cloud Shirt

Truewerk Cloud Shirt Review

The Cloud Shirt was a revelation in hot weather work clothes when it first came out and is one of our absolute favorites. It’s a button down shirt with snap closures and twin chest pockets that’s impossibly lightweight. Made of 50D polyester, it has outstanding breathability, is quick-drying, and has a UPF 30+ rating. Aside from style, another big difference between this and the B1 series is that the Cloud Shirt is more roomy.

No matter which style you prefer, there are several color options to choose from. Currently, the women’s fit is only available in the long sleeve style.

Price: $54 (short sleeve) or $59 (long sleeve)

Truewerk EDO Fancy Shirt

Truewerk EDO Fancy Shirt Review

Take the Cloud Shirt, bump the material weight up slightly, and shift it to a button-down dress shirt pattern, and you get the Truewerk EDO Fancy Shirt. Sitting slightly under the B1 in material weight, this is specifically designed to give you the characteristics of a quality work shirt when you’re in the field with a dressier look for the office and meetings.

Just because it’s called “fancy” doesn’t mean you have to wear it tucked in. The length gives it a great look tucked or untucked.

At the moment, this style is only available in a men’s fit.

Price: $64

Best Work Clothes for Hot Weather — Pants

Truewerk Junkease Boxer Briefs

Before you put on your hot weather work pants, let’s talk about what goes under them. A quality house is built on a solid foundation, after all. For Truewerk, the Junkease boxer briefs are all in the name. It’s all about down there comfort that will leave you thinking about the job at hand instead of what kind of trouble the boys are getting themselves into. The design ensures your briefs stay put so you don’t have to worry about a rising wedge or falling into a crack habit.

Available with or without a fly, this one is only available in a men’s style.

Price: $20 (no fly) or $22 (with fly)

Click here to see the full rundown of Truewerk’s WerkPants!

Truewerk Hot Weather Cloud Pants and Shorts

Complementing the Cloud Shirt, Cloud Pants complete the look with ridiculously lightweight wear characteristics that boast UPF 30+ sun protection and four-way stretch to help you move freely. If you want even more freedom, there are Cloud Shorts as well.

These are built to be hot weather work pants, so Truewerk didn’t skimp on function. Five pockets include your standard front and rear, plus the ever-popular cell phone thigh pocket that also integrates a pencil holder.

At the moment, both the Cloud Pants and Shorts are only available in men’s styles. However, since there is a women’s Cloud Shirt, we expect there will be an option for women at some point.

Price: $59 (shorts) or $69 (pants)

Truewerk T1 Hot Weather Pants and Shorts

The T1 is where it all started for Truewerk’s hot weather work pants and we’ve been wearing them since their original launch. While the Cloud Pant is our favorite because of how lightweight it is, the T1 Werkpant and Werkshort is where to turn when you need a higher level of durability. If you prefer, you can even get the T1 in an overall style.

Featuring four-way stretch, eight total pockets, and a soft fabric backing, T1 Werkpants and Workshorts as comfortable as you can hope for when the temps stretch toward triple digits. Sweat wicking and fast-drying, they leave other work pants in the hot, dry dust.

Available in several color options, there are men’s and women’s fits in all three styles.

Price: $69 (shorts) or $79 (pants), $149 (overalls)

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