Titan RX-PRO Airless Spray Gun Review

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  • Pro Review 9.0

At a retail price of $217, I would definitely recommend the Titan RX-PRO to other professionals and even consumers who want a high quality, comfortable airless spray gun with several features that make the job easier and increase the life of the tool.

Overall Score 9.0 (out of 10)

Professionals and consumers alike have benefited from the nearly constant flow of innovation in tools. Those innovations don’t always make it to all corners of the tool world, though. For instance, look at airless paint spray guns. I’ve been using a Titan LX-80 for 30 years, and not much has changed about the features or design. But the new Titan RX-PRO airless spray gun has set out to innovate in this neglected space, and I was eager to field test it.

The majority of my work has been exterior restoration of single family homes – stripping, carpentry, and painting. I work mostly on homes that are around 100 years old so the prep work and final application is critical.  For this review I used the Titan RX-PRO in tandem with my Titan Impact 640 electric airless system I picked up back in 2013 to prepare and finish a retaining wall and paint HardieBoard siding.

The overall design of the Titan RX-PRO is striking. It looks more sophisticated than other sprayers in its class, and there’s no guessing about the name of Titan’s Red Series. Of course, it would be covered in paint soon enough.

There’s little doubt that, other than the spray quality, the most important part of the sprayer is the painter’s comfort and control. The RX-PRO handles paint delivery very well, so let’s dig into the elements that affect its ability to do it in style.

Get a Grip

The Titan RX-PRO claims to provide unmatched comfort, durability, and convenience to paint contractors with its ergonomic features. Constantly gripping the gun and often lifting your arms above your head can cause fatigue and more serious pain over time. Fortunately, the Titan RX-PRO is significantly lighter than other spray guns I’ve used. It’s also very ergonomic, and the rubber grip texture was quite comfortable in the the hand. I really like that the gun comes with both two-finger and four-finger triggers that are easily swapped.

The 2-finger trigger option.
The 2-finger trigger option.

Taking a cue from handgun manufacturers, the Titan RX-PRO airless spray gun offers a FingerPrint Grip with three interchangeable grip sizes. By simply installing the correct size on the back of the handle with just one screw, it provides a variety of options to match your hand size.

Titan claims that the force needed to pull the trigger is 30% less than the RX-PRO’s competitors (9.25 pounds of pull weight). Although it was easy to pull—the trigger pull force wasn’t noticeably different to me.

The RX-PRO offers a one-touch trigger lock. It’s easy to lock/unlock and has performed very well so far. The trigger lock mechanism is far superior to my old LX-80’s

Quick Tip on Tips

The size of Titan tips are always easily readable due to the raised numbers. Other manufacturers’ tips often can’t be read after just a few uses, so I don’t use them. Since tips are interchangeable among manufacturers, this isn’t so much about the spray gun as my other observations, but it is indicative of Titan’s work to make it easy on the user. I usually use the 517 tip, which is conveniently included with the gun.

Pro Tip: the “5” in 517 represents one half of the size of the paint fan coming out of the tip when held a foot from the paint surface. In this case, that’s a 10-inch wide fan. The “17” represents the tip’s orifice diameter in thousandths of an inch, so in this case, 0.017 inch. A larger number means more paint is going to come out. Experienced painters know how to choose the right tip for the job so as to maximize coverage and minimize overspray.

The Titan RX-PRO is highly recommended.
The Titan RX-PRO is highly recommended.

Other Observations

The Titan RX-PRO has only one exit hole that the paint travels through when entering the tip whereas other sprayers have two exit holes. It didn’t adversely affect the gun’s excellent performance; it was just something I noticed.

Titan RX-PRO Airless Spray Gun features

Other notable features include ladder and bucket hooks for hanging the gun and a swivel on the hose connection so that gun can rotate around without kinking the hose. The spray gun has a maximum pressure rating of 3,600 PSI.

The spray gun has a clever on-board wrench for filter changes. No longer will you need to head to the toolbox to swap filters. I’ll need more time to fully test out the long-term maintenance features—what Titan calls Infinity Packing. The spring and needle assembly are isolated from the fluid path, and the company claims the RX-PRO can be rebuilt by changing the ball and reversing the seat for about $15.

The Bottom Line

The spray quality of the RX-PRO really is excellent. They’ve done well in the control and comfort departments.  At a retail price of about $217, I would definitely recommend the Titan RX-PRO to other professionals. I’d even recommend it to consumers who want a high quality, comfortable airless spray gun with several features that make the job easier and increase the life of the tool.

Titan RX-PRO Airless Spray Gun Key FeaturesIMG_3620[1]

  • Trigger pull is 30% lighter than the competition at 9.25 pounds
  • Customizable FingerPrint Grip – Ergonomically designed interchangeable grip offers three sizes to fit your hand
  • Infinity Packing – Up to two times the life by reversing the seat and changing the ball
  • Integrated bucket hook, belt hook, filter wrench, and trigger lock
  • Isolated pring assembly

Optional Titan RX-PRO Airless Spray Gun, Hose, and Tip Kit Includes

  • 2- and 4-finger triggers
  • 1/4″ x 50′ hose
  • 3′ whip hose
  • TR1 517 Tip
  • Medium FingerPrint Grip

The Titan RX-PRO airless spray gun is available in the U.S. and Canada at professional equipment and industrial supply retailers. To learn more, click here.

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