May 9, 2021

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Titan Straps Video Review | Forget Bungee Cords!

Titan Straps are industrial polyurethane tie-down straps that contractors can use to secure loads anywhere you might currently be using bungee cords. The PU material provides stretch along with chemical and UV resistance that’s appropriate for both hot and cold climates.

With a working load limit of up to 70 pounds, they’re great to keep in your shop, truck, RV, boat, and more. They’re available in 2 styles: a Utility version for lighter tasks and a thicker industrial version to cover heavier loads.

We swapped our bungees out with the straps to secure mix-and-match loads to our truck and even managed to stop water leaking from a 1/2-inch hole in PVC.

Check out our video and then learn more by visiting titanstraps.com!

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Joshua Smart

Hi. Good article. I think the original brand that came out with the idea was voile. They were originally designed as ski straps. Lots of companies now make them

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