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Bosch CAG180 Cordless Angle Grinder Preview

Bosch Power Tools and Accessories has earned its well-deserved reputation for providing outstanding user experiences in the grinder category. Now, with the 4 1/2-inch, 18-volt Bosch CAG180 Cordless Angle Grinder, the company has set out to create the most powerful cordless angle grinder in its class packed with power, design and safety features. It is designed to outlast and outperform the competition.


Bosch CAG180 Cordless Angle Grinder Features

The Bosch CAG180 cordless angle grinder addresses many common user complaints with cordless grinders used for light-duty cutting and grinding applications in metal, masonry and tile materials such as lack of power, excessive weight and poor overload capacity that causes the tool to stall when the pressure is raised.

Thanks to Bosch’s advanced 18-volt Lithium-ion technology, users now have the option of a cordless tool that doesn’t forgo power in favor of practicality. Spinning at 10,000 RPMs, this cordless grinder is comparable to many corded models and surpasses the competition with the highest number of cuts or abrasions per battery charge. What’s more, Bosch has combined Electronic Cell Protection and Electronic Motor Protection to provide unmatched battery run time and 2 times longer lifetime while protecting the batteries and motor from overload or overheat damage in tough cutting or grinding applications.


  • 4-Pole Motor
  • Low-Profile Gear Design
  • Electronic Motor Protection
  • Burst Resistant Guard
  • Electronic Cell Protection
  • Soft Grip Surfaces

At a mere five pounds, the CAG180 boasts the best performance-to-weight ratio in its class. Its slim body (4-inches) diameter and short length (12.6-inches) along with a rotatable low-profile guard design make it well-suited for use or in tight spaces with limited power source availability. Additionally, the CAG180 is ergonomically designed with soft grip for added comfort and control during extended use.

When it comes to safety, the CAG180 meets the highest industry standards. The Slim-Mount Burst-Wheel Resistant Guard prevents fragments from hitting the user in the event of a breakage and Bosch’s Restart Protection prevents start-up if a power switch is locked on during battery insertion.


The Bosch CAG180 cordless angle grinder fits standard 4 1/2-inch discs and works with most common accessories. It comes with two Lithium-Ion FatPacks, a 30 minute charger, soft case, cut-off wheel, grinding guard, cut-off guard, flange kit, side assist handle, hex key and user manual. To find out more or to find a local dealer, visit or call 877-BOSCH-99 (877-267-2499).

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