October 18, 2021

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Coast HL8 LED Headlamp Preview

When I go camping, which I love to do, I notice that some people bring a gun. Others, CS gas or some other bear-deterrent. Me? I like to bring along my brightest headlamp, previously the HP7 flashlight by Coast (which is in the family of the HL7 Headlamp in terms of features). But now, Coast has upped the output of its newest headlamp, the HL8, to over 300 lumens. I guarantee you shine that into the face of anything and you will put it down long enough to at least get a head start running… and as the saying goes, you don’t have to be the fastest runner, just faster than the slowest guy in your group. In any case, the HL8 is a high-powered LED headlamp designed for industrial applications and professional-level outdoor use. They don’t mention bear-attack prevention, but we’re going to add it to the list anyway. This light is BRIGHT.

Coast HL8 LED Headlamp Preview

The $75 Coast HL8 LED Headlamp produces over 300 lumens of light. Plus, with Coast’s “Pure Beam” Focusing Optic System, you can rotate the lens and adjust the beam between a Bulls-Eye Spot that projects a long distance, or a flood light that has a broad, consistent beam. The HL8 (like the Coast HP7 we reviewed earlier) is powered by four AA batteries (and we wonder if an HL8R rechargeable version isn’t too far behind).

Coast HL8 LED Headlamp Features

  • Over 300 lumens (estimated until confirmed by ANSI)
  • Four AA batteries (included)
  • Removable battery pack can be attached to belt with extended battery cord (included)
  • 4 hour run time (estimated until confirmed by ANSI)
  • Pure Beam Focusing Optic System
  • Z Cord in headband
  • Hinged attachment to position beam
  • Adjustable elastic straps
  • Max, high and low output modes
  • Rubber sealed battery pack for water resistance

Want one? We do. The Coast HL8 LED Headlamp will run around $75 and should be available later this Fall.

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