Empire Level e2992 Hi-Vis Rafter Square Preview Tool Reviews by Tool

Empire Level e2992 Hi-Vis Rafter Square Preview

Rafter squares may not seem like a tool that needs much innovation, but Empire Level Mfg. Corp., maker of the True Blue series of levels as well as the DLX10 DeWalt Series Level, tweaked theirs to offer the most productive features they could come up with. Their new e2992 Hi-Vis Rafter Square is designed to offer added visibility, safety, durability and convenience. To do this, they went to the drawing board, literally, and came up with a design that would make sense to roofing and engineering professionals who use this type of tool nearly every day. When they were done, they showed the e2992 Hi-Vis Rafter Square to more than 1,000 pros. The feedback they received indicated that it was exactly what professionals wanted on the job site because it gave them the visibility, durability and productivity features they’ve been asking for to make their jobs easier.


So what exactly does it add? Well, first off, the rafter square is an attractive anodized blue aluminum and has markings that are much easier to read (especially at dusk) than traditional silver squares (check out our review of the Swanson Speed Square for reference), even in dirty, jobsite conditions or bright sunlight. The reason is that its graduations are deep-stamped to last for years without fading. They are also White on Blue which stands out significantly in terms of visibility, even in darker environments. The e2992’s anodized aluminum body will not rust or corrode and also features a thicker edge than other products available in the market, which creates a safer saw guide with less chance of slippage. Also, right on the tool are convenient, stamped-in conversion tables.

The new e2992 is nearly identical to Empire Level’s extruded aluminum 2990 Heavy-Duty Magnum Rafter Square and they also have an e3992 which is the same high visibility anodized blue aluminum, but with 1/4-inch markings for setting rip lines down dimensional lumber or plywood.

The entire tool seems designed to ensure that no one has to slow down and struggle to read the measurements on a the square, which means a faster workflow and less mistakes. When you’re up on a roof, this is absolutely critical for time-saving efficiency. Empire Level products, including the new e2992 Hi-Vis Rafter Square, can be found at retail and online stores throughout the United States.

About Empire Level

Empire Level is the home of TrueBlue – the most accurate vials in the world. The blue fluid in Empire level vials is a unique symbol of superior accuracy and a trademark of Empire Level Mfg. Corp. For over 90 years, Empire has been the leading designer and innovator of accurate and durable measuring tools for the professional and end user. Empire employs approximately 300 people at its facilities in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. More information about Empire and its products can be found at: www.empirelevel.com.

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