Gearwrench Long Length Hex Bit Sockets and Mid-Length Hex Sockets

Gearwrench mid-length hex bit sockets

New Gearwrench long length hex bit sockets and mid-length sockets add new options to the company’s line of automotive tools. These new Gearwrench hex bit sockets make it easier to reach tucked away header bolts and other hex-cap fasteners. The longer bits are made from S2 steel, so they should provide a reasonable amount of torque—even with the longer length. For those hard-to-reach fasteners, these should provide some additional options for mechanics working in tight spaces….which is to say, mechanics in general.

The use of S2 steel came about as a way to provide automotive, marine, and aviation technicians with a socket-based tool that could provide great access without compromising strength. The heat-treated socket base has a full polish chrome finish that cleans easily and provides high visibility. The ends of the bits also feature a chamfered edge for a secure fit that reduces stripping and premature wear.

The Gearwrench long length hex bit sockets also include double line (SAE) and knurled line (metric) to easily distinguish between both socket ranges.

Gearwrench long length hex bit sockets

Gearwrench Long Length Hex bit Sockets Features

  • Mid-Length and Long-Length bits
  • Made with S2 steel
  • Chamfered hex bit ends
  • Full-polish chrome socket base
  • Large hand-stamped identification
  • Heat-treated socket base
  • Exceeds ASME proof torque requirements


  • Gearwrench long length hex bit socket set – $60.18
  • Gearwrench mid-Length hex socket set – $33.59
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The new line of mid-length and long-length hex bits includes 61 total products (57 open stock options and four sets) for 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch drives in both SAE and metric. The Gearwrench mid-length hex bit sockets and long-length sockets are just part of the company’s 140 sockets and 16 socket sets. These include standard hex bits, ball-end hex bits, and long ball-end hex bits.

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