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Gearwrench 232-Piece Mechanics Tool Set Review | 80944

Gearwrench 232-Piece Mechanics Tool Set Review | 80944

Gearwrench 232-Piece Mechanics Tool Set Comprehensively Tackles Sub 1-Inch Jobs Many brands make comprehensive mechanics tool sets and they’re a great way to get started. One of their shortcomings is they often contain the most basic versions of each tool. The Gearwrench 232-piece mechanics tool set gives you the value of a large set with […]

Wurth Tox Bit and Socket Set

Wurth Torx Bit and Socket Set 09651777

Let’s Talk High-Level Torx with Worth’s Bit and Socket Set When you work with a wide variety of fastener types, there’s nothing worse than not having the right bit on hand. For folks that deal with Torx on the next level, the Wurth Torx bit and socket set is exactly what you need to cover […]

Milwaukee Mechanics Tools — Ratchets, Wrenches, Sockets, and Breaker Bars

A few years back, Milwaukee launched a line of sockets and ratchets covering 1/4″ and 3/8″ drives. Then, Milwaukee expanded the lineup to include 1/2″ drives, including a couple of breaker bars. Now, the Milwaukee mechanics tools lineup has been fleshed out even further with Extended Handle Ratchets and Stubby Ratchet models. Milwaukee Extended Handle […]

Wurth Zebra 1-2-inch socket set

Wurth Zebra 1/2-inch Socket Set Review

As we’ve said before, not every socket set has to fall in the master mechanics set category. Sometimes you just need the basics. Having run into my fair share of impromptu projects and breakdowns over the years, the Wurth Zebra 1/2-inch Socket Assortment Set looked like a handy set to keep in my truck. It […]

Hart Socket Sets For Mechanics

Hart Socket Sets for Mechanics

Hart Socket Sets That are a “Must Have” in Your Shop We know that a good socket set is indispensable in the workshop or home garage. So, we took a look at the various socket sets and mechanic’s tools that Hart has available for your wrench-swinging needs. The lineup is actually a lot more robust […]

Wurth Zebra 3/8-Inch Socket Set Review 096512022

Wurth Zebra 3/8-Inch Socket Set Goes Wherever the Job Takes You We all love our master mechanics sets, but there’s still room in our lives for smaller sets. Nearly finished with by 1982 Porsche 924 restoration, I’ve been carrying the 22-piece Wurth Zebra 3/8-inch socket set around to make occasional adjustments and for general use […]

Milwaukee Packout Ratchet and Socket Sets Now Available in Organizers

Organize Your Portable Ratchet Sets The Packout Modular Storage System continues to grow with some additional solutions for transporting and organizing ratchet and socket sets. Available this June, three Milwaukee Packout Ratchet and Socket Sets can come in their low-profile organizers. Or, for those that already have the Packout system and ratchet sets, Milwaukee will […]

Gearwrench Master Set Includes 613 Pieces

Gearwrench Master Set Includes 613 Pieces

Gearwrench Master Set Sets Up Mechanics for a Career When you’re looking for the ultimate in mechanic’s hand tools, check out the Gearwrench Master Set. It has 613 tools to cover a wide range of tasks that mechanics come across. And unlike some tool sets out there, it’s not 30% hex wrenches and driver bits. […]

Gearwrench Hex Bit Sockets – Mid and Long Length

Gearwrench hex bit sockets look pretty simple at first glance and there’s some truth to that. However, there are some good talking points to go along with these incredibly handy accessories. We got our hands on both the mid and long-length versions. They’re available in metric and SAE. 3 of the sets consist of 7 […]