Milwaukee Shockwave Non-Marring Lug Nut Sockets

Milwaukee Non-Marring Lug Nut Sockets Improve Sleeve Durability

There are a ton of lug nut sockets available for auto techs and mechanics to choose from. Addressing some common pain points in the market, Milwaukee is updating its Shockwave socket lineup with a blueprint that avoids causing accidental damage to rims during maintenance. We’re taking a look at the Milwaukee non-marring lug nut sockets to see what they bring to the table in terms of design.

Milwaukee Non-Marring Lug Nut Sockets Overview

Milwaukee Non-Marring Lug Nut Sockets
  • Drive size: 1/2-inch
  • Non-marring Armor-Guard sleeve protects rims during tire changes
  • Color-coded sleeves
  • Stamped, ink-filled markings for size identification
  • Thin wall construction
  • Dual-hole design and ring groove for easy attachment and removal

Milwaukee designed these Shockwave lug nut sockets for use with 1/2-inch drive impact wrenches, drivers, and adapters. They feature Milwaukee’s Armor-Guard sleeve, which is a durable, non-marring plastic coating that helps prevent damage to rims during tire installation or removal, while also protecting against cracking and shredding.

These sockets feature a color-coded design, with grey for metric sizes and red for standard sizes. This coupled with the stamped, ink-filled markings helps you easily identify the right socket for the job.

These Shockwave 1/2-inch sockets use a two-hole design and ring groove for easy attachment and removal.

On top of that, they feature a thin wall construction that meets ASME standards for thin wall sockets that ensures a proper fit to the fastener.

Milwaukee Non-Marring Lug Nut Sockets Price

These lug nut sockets will be available individually, ranging from $17.99 to $19.99. They will also come in sets of 3 pieces ($39.99), 5 pieces ($59.99), 9 pieces ($104.99), and 11 pieces ($129.99). You can find them at your favorite Milwaukee retailer.

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