Wurth Zebra 1/2-inch Socket Set Review

Wurth Zebra 1-2-inch socket set

As we’ve said before, not every socket set has to fall in the master mechanics set category. Sometimes you just need the basics. Having run into my fair share of impromptu projects and breakdowns over the years, the Wurth Zebra 1/2-inch Socket Assortment Set looked like a handy set to keep in my truck. It fits easily under the seat of my Ford F150, and it makes it easy to tackle small projects as needed when I don’t have access to my full toolset.


  • 12-point multi-sockets (spline)
  • Includes all socket sizes from 10mm to 32mm
  • Two extensions and universal joint included
  • Foam rubber insert keeps everything organized
  • Set fits in the regular depth drawers of my tool chest
  • Compact set stores anywhere (truck box, under seats, boat, trunk, toolbox, etc.)


  • Would benefit from better labels on the insert for easier socket ID
  • Very pricey set


We liked the range of quality sockets afforded by the Wurth Zebra 1/2-inch socket set. It fits easily in your toolbox, truck box, trunk, or under the seat. The comfortable grip on the included 1/2″ ratchet lets you bear down when needed—lending a bit more capability to the standard-size handle.

Wurth Zebra 1/2-inch Socket Set Features

This metric set includes 23 pieces. You get 19 sockets ranging from the ubiquitous 10mm to an oversized 32mm. The set features 12-point multi-sockets—very much like spline sockets. They let you quickly latch on and get to work. I might prefer 6-point sockets for my master set, but I don’t mind this style for a portable toolset.

It’s also “wurth” noting (you see what I did there?) they offer sockets in 6-point, 12-point, and multi-socket (spline). Notably, Wurth USA has a 1/2-inch SAE kit (model 09651321) that nearly mirrors this one, but with 6-point sockets.

multi-socket spline drive

The set comes in a sturdy metal box with a foam insert. It latches closed and keeps everything compact and organized. The height is perfect as well—it fits right into my regular tool chest drawers.

Wurth Zebra 1/2-inch Ratchet

The included Wurth Zebra 1/2-inch ratchet bucks the trends with a rubber overmolded handle. It actually gives you a ton of leverage—simply by way of cushioning your grip so you can pull or push with more force. Some may prefer the easy-cleaning of a stainless-only ratchet.

padded ratchet handle

As we saw with the Wurth 3/8-inch socket set, they forego the quick-release button in favor of a simple detent bearing. On this 1/2-inch ratchet, the detent holds the socket very securely, but we didn’t have any issues releasing them as we did with the 3/8″ set. That partly had to do with the larger size, but even the 10mm came off without too much fuss. Of course, when you have greasy hands releasing the smaller sockets may take some work.

Wurth ratchet dial

The forward/reverse mechanism uses a rotary disc collar instead of a flip switch. You get used to it easily enough. While it differs from what many might be used to, it doesn’t require any more effort to switch directions. About the only negative is that you get no indication of the current direction until you go to use it. A couple of marks on the ring might quickly solve that.

Using the Wurth Zebra 1/2″ Socket Set

We did several tasks with this multi-socket set. It worked great for minor work like removing and replacing a front wheel on a John Deere lawn tractor.

Wurth Zebra 1-2-inch ratchet

We tried out a much larger size socket for re-mounting the rear hitch. You can really put a lot of torque on this ratchet due to just how comfortably it fits your hand. Cranking down on a traditional wrench tends to bite into your palms a whole lot more.

installing lawn tractor hitch

The sockets themselves install easily, but they can be difficult to identify from either the metal case (which only has the lid label) or the roll-stamped markings. Adding laser-engraved marks might make it easier to see.

roll-stamped markings

The Bottom Line

This compact Wurth Zebra 1/8-inch socket set strikes me as a homerun. I love the small, compact kit, and it fits easily underneath the seat of my truck. The comfortable ratchet and 1/2-inch drive let you really go after larger nuts and bolts—possibly without needing a longer handle.

For mobile repairs or any other portable socket needs, this kit should work well for mechanics, technicians, or general maintenance tasks. We even think contractors could use this for tasks where an impact wrench isn’t practical or handy.

Pricing and Availability

You really do get what you pay for with this set. It exudes quality and these tools should last a lifetime.

The set retails for $172. If that sounds like a lot, compare it to the 17pc 1/2-inch drive 12-pt SAE set from Snap-on which retails for $775.

Zebra hand tools also carry a limited lifetime warranty. Wurth USA warrants these tools for their useful life against deficiencies in material and workmanship.

Be sure to look for discounts and sales which Wurth runs periodically. You can buy this socket set direct from Wurth USA.

Wurth Zebra 1/2-inch Socket Set Includes:

  • 1/2″ ratchet
  • 4-inch extension
  • 9-inch extension
  • Universal joint
  • 19 (12-point) multi-sockets (10mm to 32mm)
  • Metal case with foam insert

The pricing is on the premium side, but still lower than what we see from some high-end tool truck brands.

Wurth USA runs promotions so be sure to check to see if this product is on special!

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