June 18, 2021

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New Products: Klein Combo-Tip Drivers

Klein Combo-Tip Drivers

We’ve all come across those fascinating screw heads that are designed to be used with either a Phillips head or flat head screwdriver. And of course by fascinating, I really mean irritating. I prefer to use a Phillips head over flat head. The flat head design has a tendency to slip out, particularly when I’m trying to deliver a lot of torque from an angle. A proper size Phillips head usually works better. The problem with these combination screw heads is that they allow even a proper sized Phillips head driver to slip. Even the flat head driver will wobble more than normal.

Enter the Klein Combo-Tip Drivers. These are specifically designed to fit those combination screw heads and eliminate the wobble associated with them that leads to damage. You can pick these up as fixed hand drivers, as part of the 11-in-1 Screwdriver with Double-Ended Combo Bit kit/replacement set, or impact rated Power Bits. All forms are available as #1 or #2 size bits and of course, are made in the USA with Klein’s legendary quality.

“The most critical element in a screwdriver tip design is how it fits into the screw” states Jon Ginsberg, product manager at Klein Tools. “Klein has developed the best geometry for combo head screws. The design engages tightly with both the square and slot elements of the screw to provide the tightest fit and longest wearing combo tip in the industry.”

Check out this video about the new Klein Combo-Tip Drivers

Available Klein Combo-Tip Drivers


#1 Combo-Tip Fixed-Blade Screwdriver (731-4)
#2 Combo-Tip Fixed-Blade Screwdriver (732-4)
Two-Piece Combo-Tip Fixed-Blade Screwdriver Set (32378)

11-in-1 Screwdriver with Double-Ended Combo Bit (32505)
Double-Ended Combo Replacement Bit for 32505 (32752)

#1 Combo Tip Power Drivers x 1”/25 mm length (C1-1-5)
#1 Combo Tip Power Drivers x 3.5″/89 mm length (C1-35-5)
#2 Combo Tip Power Drivers x 1″/25 mm length (C2-1-5)
#2 Combo Tip Power Drivers x 3.5″/89 mm length (C2-35-5)

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