Klein Coax Cable Cutters

Klein Coax Cable Cutters

Klein Coax Cable Cutters Are Engineered to Cut Copper-Clad Steel Cable

Coming from their Lincolnshire, Illinois manufacturing facility, Klein Coax Cable Cutters boast the strength to cut through tougher materials like copper-clad steel. While most cutters can perform the task, you’re likely to damage the knives on those cutters. Those that don’t have a tendency to deform the cable. Klein’s newest cutters are designed to maintain the integrity and sharpness of the edge while cutting cleanly through the cabling. Still made in the USA, the Klein Coax Cable Cutters are designed for the traditional tasks steel, aluminum, and copper cables in addition to the copper-clad steel.

According to Sean O’Flaherty, senior product manager at Klein Tools, “The number of tools that a typical journeyman requires on the job can be considerable let alone expensive. For example, if the correct wire cutting tool is not at hand, a substitute may be used as a quick fix causing early blade degradation of the tool and safety concerns for the user. The Klein Coax Cable Cutter – CCS, first and foremost, cuts copper-clad steel coaxial cable without blade degradation or cable deformation but, it is also equally proficient when cutting other data and communication cables such as twisted pair thus delivering on multi-functionality and convenience at a lower cost.”

Klein Coax Cable Cutter – CCS (Model VDV600-096) Features

  • Specialized notched blade designed to withstand cutting steel cable including copper clad steel (CCS) coaxial cable such as RG-59, RG-6/6Q, RG-7 and RG11
  • Blade geometry ensures copper-clad steel (CCS) coaxial cable retains form when cut to facilitate easy insertion into connectors
  • Shears designed to cleanly cut and snip solid and stranded copper, aluminum, UTP/STP twisted pair wires and cables
  • Through-hardened custom US-made tool steel
  • Hot-riveted joint for durability
  • High-leverage handles for genuine one-handed operation
  • Plastic-coated for maximum comfort and grip

For more information on the Klein Coax Cable Cutters, check out their website or visit any of their retailers.

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