Empire eXT Extendable Levels Level Reviews, Measuring & Squares

Empire eXT Extendable Levels – Hands On

Empire eXT Levels include two new products, a 24 to 40-inch and 48 to 78-inch adjustable level. The levels look very much like box beam levels until you extend them. To say they provide flexibility on the job site would be an understatement. Empire isn’t the first to market with extendable levels, but it fills a gap in their line.


Benefits of the Empire eXT Extendable Levels

One obvious benefit of these new levels points to their portability. Whether using long levels, I-beam levels, box beam levels, etc, you don’t know what applications you’re going to run into throughout the day. Instead of carrying around four to six different length levels, Empire lets you get most of your work done with just two.

Empire eXT Levels extended

Applications for Use

These levels find a home for anyone installing running tile above a bathtub. A standard tub is 60-inches in length. Your drywall or backer board comes down overtop the lip—often both ends.

Empire eXT78 bushing ruler

When you strike your master tile line to start installing tile you need a 59-inch solution. An Empire adjustable level sounds a whole lot better than using an Empire tape measure for this job. While some people carry a 59-inch dedicated level, others use a 72-inch level that’s been chopped down. Empire saw this as an opportunity to provide their own solution to this common problem.

Empire Extendable Levels window

Adjustable levels also work great for window and cabinetry installs. You never deal with just one size window or door. Being able to get from sill to sill and jam to jam on a variety of windows and doors makes for a great solution.


These levels continue to use the True Blue vials and remain easy to check during the day or in dim light.

True Blue level vial


These new Empire eXT Extendable levels let users get a perfect read in any application. They also reduce the number of levels that need to be carried onto the job site. This versatility, combined with 0.0005-inch accuracy, offers a Best-In-Class solution for any tradesman and the broad array of applications that they face every day.

Empire eXT40 level

The new levels come to market in September 2019.

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