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Empire Level e75 Series True Blue Box Levels

Empire Level e75 Series True Blue Box Levels application

Set to launch this July is Empire’s e75 Series True Blue Box Levels. The incoming class is the latest upgrade to Empire’s line of Pro-level True Blue measuring instruments and joins the e55 series we reviewed back in March as the most advanced from the popular brand. The new Empire Level e75 Series True Blue Box Levels are constructed with a high strength all-metal aluminum frame. They offer precision milled edges and exclusive e-Band vials, which provide greater visibility than traditional vials, along with Empire’s standard .0005-inch accuracy.

Aside from the Empire’s e-Band vials visibility, the new e75 series features a Reinforced Vial Locking System. This protects the center acrylic block vial for longer life accuracy without compromising the 300-degree viewing window that improves visibility from any angle.

The e75 series integrates rubber surface grips around the vial to prevent the level from sliding on flat or angled surfaces. It also features all-rubber shock-absorbing end caps that protect the level from drops and bumps. The end caps can be easily removed – a handy feature for use in tight spaces or for long distance scribe marking.

The e75 series is available in both magnetic and non-magnetic models. The magnetic models feature rare earth magnets for excellent holding strength when measuring door frames, steel studs, ferrous pipe, and other common metal-working applications. All Empire Level True Blue measuring instruments are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Empire Level e75 Series True Blue Box Levels

Empire Level e75 Series True Blue Box Levels (E75.48)Non-Magnetic Models

  • 24″ True Blue Box Level (e75.24)
  • 32″ True Blue Box Level (e75.32)
  • 48″ True Blue Box Level (e75.48)
  • 72″ True Blue Box Level (e75.72)
  • 96″ True Blue Box Level (e75.96)
  • 32″ & 78″ True Blue Box Level Jamb Set (e75JAMB)

Magnetic Models

  • 24″ True Blue Magnetic Box Level (em75.24)
  • 48″ True Blue Magnetic Box Level (em75.48)
  • 78″ True Blue Magnetic Box Level (em75.78)
  • 96″ True Blue Magnetic Box Level (em75.96)
  • 32″ & 78″ True Blue Magnetic Box Level Jamb Set (em75JAMB)

Check out all Empire Level measuring instruments at Acme Tools!

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