Pacific Laser Systems Laser Level Replacement Glass Inserts

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Fix Your Cross Line Laser on the Fly with Pacific Laser Systems Laser Level Replacement Glass Inserts

Fluke Corporation’s laser side of the business is taking its line further with Pacific Laser Systems Laser Level Replacement Glass Inserts. The premise is pretty simple—create a user-replaceable glass system to keep your lasers in use with less downtime.

10-Second Summary

  • Glass inserts swap with just a Phillips head screwdriver
  • Reduce laser downtime by repairing on site instead of losing time at a service center
  • Available for PLS 3R, 3G, 5R, 6R, 6G, 180R, and 180G laser models

Less Downtime, More Productivity

It would be great if everyone treated your tools with the same kind of care that you do, but that’s rarely the case. Improvements in durability like we see in the PLS 180G help a lot, but they don’t eliminate the risk of damage entirely.

On any cross line laser, the glass is one of the biggest concerns after the laser diode itself. Pacific Laser Systems already rates their lasers, including the diode, for 1-meter drops. As long as the drop isn’t from too high, you can get back to work without dealing with recalibration. But sometimes that same fall cracks the glass.

That’s where the PLS Level Replacement Glass Inserts come in. By pairing the correct insert with your laser model, you just need a Phillips head screwdriver to flip them out.

Each insert covers all the glass windows set into their frame so you don’t need to worry about sliding small glass panes in.

The big deal is that you’re replacing the glass on-site instead of taking your laser out of service to a repair center.

Pricing and availability are still to be announced. Keep your eyes on PLS Lasers for the latest.

Pacific Laser Systems Laser Level Replacement Glass Inserts Compatible Models

  • PLS 3R
  • PLS 3G
  • PLS 5R
  • PLS 6R
  • PLS 6G
  • PLS 180R
  • PLS 180G

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