New HART Clamps Coming Soon!

HART Clamp

Innovative HART Clamps are Scheduled for Summer Release

Christmas came early here at Pro Tool Reviews and we got the chance to look at some new products that we’ll be sharing with you. Coming later this summer will be a couple of new HART clamps that are sure to make a difference. As we were introduced to HART’s new products yesterday, the phrase used over and over was “These just make sense.” Applicable innovation seems to be beating at the core of HART.

HART HRC0201 Two Inch Hand Clamp with CinchTight Technology

The first HART Clamp we got to take a look at is the HRC0201 Two Inch Hand Clamp with CinchTight Technology. Like other hand clamps, there’s the traditional ratcheting clamping action and release, but this HART clamp includes tightening jaw pads that create an even more secure grip. They’ve also included something I’ve never seen before on a hand clamp: a rope cleat for cinching down rope. When you look at the cut out in the handle for the rope, you can’t help but shake your head saying, “That just makes sense” like we did.

If the innovation itself isn’t enough to tip the scales in favor of this HART clamp, they are backed by a lifetime warranty. The HRC0201 is expected to hit store shelves at Home Depot in August with a suggested price of $9.97

Rope Cinch

HART C-Clamps with QuickTight Technology

The other HART clamps we got out hands on is the new C-Clamp with QuickTight Technology. These clamps feature the ability to quickly set the clamp in place using the quick release on the side that allows it to adjust freely. The “This just makes sense” feature on these is the handle. You might be asking how you can possibly improve the handle on a C-clamp, but HART found a simple and innovative way to do just that. The handle is set at 0 degrees to the clamping force, but pull up against the inner spring and flip to 90 degrees for tightening. The angle allows you to easily set the amount of force that you need while the length and diameter of the handle make it a comfortable operation.

HART Clamp

Maxing out at 2,500 pounds of clamping force, these HART clamps come in three sizes to match the job. The 4 inch (HCC0401, MSRP $14.97), 6 inch (HCC0601, MSRP $17.97), and 8 inch (HCC0801, $19.97) C-Clamps will be available at Home Depot in August.

One thing we’ve been told to expect is a staggered release. Though all of these HART clamps will be released to Home Depot in August, don’t panic if they don’t hit your local store immediately. They should be available online if you can’t wait (and we definitely can’t wait!) for them to show up locally.

For more information, keep your eyes on HART’s website.

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