Iro Smart Sprinkler System by Rachio

Racihio Iro Smart Sprinkler

The Rachio Iro Smart Sprinkler System enters our world as we are becoming more immersed in the “Smart Home”. Most areas now have the option of running alarm systems, surveillance cameras, air conditioners, and even some household appliances from your smartphone. Add your sprinkler system to the list. There are plenty of reasons to consider the Smart Sprinkler system and I’d imagine that tops on the list is the number of times we’ve seen someone’s irrigation running in the rain. Here in Florida, it’s a requirement to install a rain sensor on any new irrigation system. At my house, that rain sensor worked well… if you sprayed the hose on it at full blast.

The Iro Smart Sprinkler System is more than just an updated rain sensor though. The system designers took many factors into consideration such as current weather, seasonal patterns, and even local water restrictions (not available in all areas). Once the system has a starting point to go from, it will automatically run on those settings for as long as you need it to. It really shines when you go in and make adjustments though. It begins to learn the specifics of what your lawn needs. Those adjustments can be made from your smartphone at any time.

How does the Smart Sprinkler System work? According to the folks at Rachio, simply replace the current controller with their’s, connect it to your home’s wifi using the Iro app on your smartphone, and you’re ready to go. All the information that it needs is pulled from your wifi or updated by you through your smartphone. It sounds simple enough, and I didn’t see anywhere that a professional installer was recommended. Having installed a few controllers myself though, I would say that it’s helpful to have someone with you that is familiar with sprinkler systems to help out if this is your first time.

Part of the inspiration for the system is conservation of our freshwater resources, the other part convenience so that the homeowner will actually use it. Rachio cites EPA reports that half of the nearly 8 billion gallons of water used for irrigation daily is wasted. “Iro is the ultimate marriage of conservationism and convenience,” said Chris Klein CEO and Co-founder of Rachio. “Our smart sprinkler controller takes the hard work out of maintaining your yard so you can get back to enjoying it with the peace of mind you’re limiting water waste.”

Iro Smart Sprinkler System Summary

  • Requirements for full function: wifi, Android or iOS smartphone, free app, Iro system, irrigation system
  • Functions: Auto-scheduling, Quick Conserver, weather optimization, Smart-Cycle soil optimizer (based on region), analytic data and reports
  • Availability: Online (8 and 16 zone) or at select Home Depot locations (8 zone only)
  • Price: $249 (8 zone), $299 (16 zone)

For more information, check out the Iro Smart Sprinkler System on Rachio’s website.

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