Irwin 2500 Series Levels Tool Reviews by Tool

Irwin 2500 Series Levels Preview

Irwin has released a new line of levels, dubbed the 2500 Series and they are marketing them in an unusual way. To demonstrate how tough they are, the company took a Chevy Silverado with 3,360 pounds of front axle weight and drove it across both a pair of Stabila Type 196 levels and a pair of their new 2500 Series levels. The Stabila levels folded under the pressure, but the 2500s held firm with just a slight bow in the middle. It’s an impressive demo and now perhaps you can use your levels to square up your shed and then make a ramp to drive your tractor into it… or not. In either case, the frame of the new levels are made with thick-walled high-grade aluminum. It’s gotta be pretty thick indeed to stand up to that type of stress.


Irwin 2500 Series Levels Features

Check out the side-by-side of the different Series levels Irwin now provides and you can see the difference in aluminum wall thickness and construction in the new Irwin 2500 Series Levels:

 Irwin 2500 Series Levels

There are other features we like about the new Irwin 2500 Series levels as well. It has a Continuous Edge feature that gives a nice, unbroken machined edge along the entire level and allows you to use it more easily as a straight edge. It also keeps the center vial completely enshrouded and free from damage. Irwin’s “Plumb Site” feature means you can view the vial in just about any angle to the level in the plumb position and the 2500 series rubber molded end caps looks strong enough to allow the level to be dropped from considerable distance without damage. Plus, when you want to get into a tight space, they can even be removed.

Finally, the Irwin 2500 Series levels include rare earth magnets that Irwin says are up to 5x stronger than standard strip magnets and allow for easy, hands-free steel construction work.

These look to be very impressive levels that are going to cater well towards the super-duty user who wants an indestructible product that will last for years. We look forward to getting our hands on one soon.


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