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Johnson Level 40-6064 Digital Angle Locator Review

The new Johnson Level 40-6064 Digital Angle Locator takes all the guesswork out of finding odd angles in the field thanks to a working range of 0 to 222 degrees and a built in miter calculator. In the past we would have relied on some fancy guesswork or trial and error to get angled cuts to match up, which usually resulted in wasted material or time. With an easy-to-read digital display, three button control and accuracy to within .5 of a degree, it should be a cinch to calculate the trim pieces needed for that bay window or octagon shaped ceiling cove. As my old boss used to tell me, ‘measure twice, cut once’. Well, that’s a whole lot easier now with angles and miters calculated more precisely and quickly with the Johnson Digital Angle Locator.


Johnson Level 40-6064 Digital Angle Locator Features

Johnson Level 40-6064 Digital Angle LocatorThe Johnson Level 40-6064 Digital Angle Locator comes with a padded soft slip sleeve pouch with a hook & loop closure to keep the level protected when not in use. For the most part, the body is made of extruded aluminum with the exception of the hinge mechanism which is made of plastic. There are two bubble level vials built in, one to measure plumb and the other to measure plane. In the front center of the level is the LCD display with three rubber covered buttons below it. The first button is the ON/OFF, the second is labeled MITRE which essentially, takes the actual angle measurement on the display and divides it by two to give you your miter angle. The last button is the HOLD button which saves the last measurement when pressed. What is interesting is that there is no lock on the pivot point. This means that once you find an angle, you can’t lock it physically in place. Your choices are to use the HOLD button feature or gently handle the angle finder without moving the two halves so that you can transfer the angle to your board. Should you forgot to shut the angle finder off, it will automatically turn off after a few minutes. The single 9V battery provides up to 50 hours of continuous use.

Johnson Level 40-6064 Digital Angle Locator - storage

Digital Angle finder with included slip sleeve storage case

Testing and Use

We used the Johnson Level 40-6064 Digital Angle Locator around our shop to test out its angle-finding abilities and even compared it to a conventional non-powered angle finder. In every instance, the digital was dead on with our conventional tool. The miter function proved to be a real asset because it eliminated the possibility of bad arithmetic.

Johnson Level 40-6064 Digital Angle Locator application

Figuring the angle of a vaulted ceiling

One day when I was visiting a doctor friend, he was telling me about a project he was working on with his knee replacement rehabilitation  patients. He was describing a tool he needed and immediately I thought of a few Johnson tools that I had in for review. Here is his story in his own words:

“I’m sure Johnson tools never intended their Digital Angle Locator, 40-6064, for this particular job. You mentioned this tool during our casual conversation when I related how I was going to use their smaller laser torpedo level to help measure an angle of the leg for a research project called the Q-angle. The spots I need to calculate the angle are: 1) a specific bony bump on the lower leg; 2) the center of the knee cap (patella); and 3) a bony point on the front of the pelvis bone. The Digital Angle Locator will get the job done perfectly. It will give an exact angle readout, hold the number and will be “examiner reproducible”, minimizing any differences between examinations. We will easily be able to train assistants how to use this tool. As this tool was never designed for this application, the pivot point is in the center of the patella and the longer distance is from the patella to the pelvis. I clamped a short length of 3/4″ x 3/4″ aluminum angle stock to the inside of the tools’ swing arm to increase its length. Thank you for sharing this tool with me and for the opportunity to share my use in this unique application. I bet this would be a great tool in the trades also!”

– Best Regards, Dr. Alan Thompson



The Johnson Level 40-6064 Digital Angle Locator is a sure fire way to get accurate miter cuts, especially when working in odd situations with old buildings. With a simple user interface that is very intuitive, it will only take most carpenters just a few seconds to recognize the benefits of this tool. For our Performance rating we gave the level a 7/10 because it offered easy to use features that really worked. Given a reasonable price that is quickly negated by its usefulness, we gave the Digital Angle Finder a 6/10 Value rating. A few more points could have been earned if it had a locking pivot arm to make transferring angles easier

About Johnson Level

Johnson Level & Tool Mfg. Co., Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of “Job Site Tough” professional quality spirit levels, laser levels and other construction measuring tools. Johnson Level employs patented and proprietary technologies to develop highly accurate and durable layout tools, leveling tools, squares, measuring tools and marking tools for construction projects on the job site. The company’s global customer base includes contractor supply outlets, hardware distributors and major retail chains. Johnson Level is headquartered in Mequon, Wisconsin.

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