March 2, 2021

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Makita Impact XPS Driver Bits Last Up to 90x Longer

Makita Impact XPS Driver Bits

Makita Impact XPS Driver Bits Take Over as Top-Level Accessories

Makita Impact XPS driver bits are coming in as Makita’s new top-of-line accessories and promise up to 90x the life of standard bits. They’re a step up from Makita Gold that has been, well, the gold standard for many Pros.

10-Second Summary

  • Bits last up to 90x longer than standard accessories
  • Machined tips offer an exact fit
  • Pulse Torsion Rings distribute force to prevent broken tips
  • Made from a carbon alloy steel blend

What Makes Makita Impact XPS Driver Bits Special?

Makita makes these driver bits from a carbon alloy steel blend that flexes while still delivering the fastening force of your impact driver. The impacting force gets distributed through the Pulse Torsion Rings in the thinner center.

Makita Impact XPS Driver Bits - Torsion Rings

The tip maintains strength to withstand shearing and has a machined cut to fit fasteners perfectly. The result is a line of accessories that last up to 90 times longer than standard bits.

Makita Impact XPS Driver Bits - Phillips bit

Will They Break?

The short answer is yes, Makita Impact XPS bits will break. They’re just designed to last much longer. In a video from Makita, a hard stop test has two standard bits breaking 0.071 seconds and 0.091 seconds, respectively. The Makita bit finally breaks 6.390 seconds into the test.


Is This Another Metal-Only Impact Bit?

We’ve discussed when to use impact bits in the past, but the material technology has come a long way since then. Generally speaking, impact bits were great for metal fastening. However, we found standard bits that outperformed them in wood fastening. That’s not necessarily the case today.

Makita Impact XPS Driver Bits - Socket Adapter

While Makita mainly shows metal fastening with these bits, they also show us wood fastening. On the surface, it appears the steel blend is appropriate for both. It’s something we’ll look more closely at when we get them in our hands.

Makita Impact XPS Driver Bit Types

  • 2-inch and 3-inch power bits (Phillips, square, Torx, slotted)
  • 1-inch insert bits and holders (Phillips, square, Torx)
  • Nutsetters
  • Socket adapters
  • Bit sets

Makita Impact XPS Driver Bits - Bulk Pack


We haven’t seen the new bits at Acme Tools or Amazon yet, but they are on Home Depot’s website and in our local stores. The bit sets offer the best value and run $19.97 to $29.97. The rest of the accessories range from $2.97 to $14.97, varying based on size and quantity.

Makita Impact XPS Driver Bits - 60-piece set

Learn more by checking out Makita’s Impact XPS website.

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