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Js Starr

I recently purchased a #BoschMRF23EVS from a local #BOSCH dealer. It was delivered to me 7 days later and straight out of the box it was corroded. The unit made a weird noise for a few secs and then nothing. Completely non functional. That sucks I thought, but I’m covered by the warranty. I contact the dealer and he informs me THAT is a #BOSCH problem, not HIS problem. I contact the regional headquarters for #BOSCH in my area, they inform me they did not import that model so they won’t cover it. So no warranty coverage? I then go… Read more »


Hi Jonathan! Greetings from Brazil! I liked this review…, and I’ve bought one like this! Well, I’m at odds with the fine adjustment adjust and was wondering if you could help me… How to operate it? When using the router upside down it works perfectly because I match the rod in the turret and then the motor goes up and down. But, how do I do to adjust it when using “normally”? I followed what the instructions guide says, regarding the coarse adjustment lock and the fine adjustment knob, but nothing happens. Do you have a video where you demonstrate… Read more »