Rockwell 12A Reciprocating Saw Corded Saw Reviews

Rockwell RK3637K 12A Reciprocating Saw

The Rockwell RK3637K 12A vibrafree Reciprocating Saw RK3637K features Rockwell’s patented active vibration canceling technology. This Vibrafree technology allows for up to a 70% reduction in vibration which translates into less user fatigue. While at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas, Rockwell showed us a pretty convincing demonstration on how their tool vibrates less.


What they did was turn on the competitions reciprocating saw and place it on a table, the saw commenced to dance and jump around the table due to the amount of vibration it put out. Next they turned on the Vibrafree reciprocating saw and placed it on the same table. The Rockwell saw demonstrated such little vibration—it was able to stand still in one place balanced on the shoe end with the motor running full speed.

The unique vibrafree system works by a patented mechanism where the reciprocating rod and the counter-balance mechanism are always moving in opposite directions to each other. In effect what happens is that in and out vibrations of the blade movement are canceled out inside the tool. The saw features a powerful 12 amp variable speed motor and a four position adjustable orbital action that goes from straight stroke to full which gives you more flexibility in cutting various materials. Blade changes are easy and tool free and there is also a tool free adjustable height, pivoting front shoe. The grip angle is somewhat different then the standard reciprocating saws on the market, yet we found this saw to be comfortable to hold and use.


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