Bosch Cordless HEPA Dust Collector

Bosch Cordless HEPA Dust Collector

Bosch introduced the Bosch Cordless HEPA Dust Collector for use with its 1-inch SDS-Plus GBH18V-26 Rotary Hammer last year. The dust collector brings concrete drilling into nearly dust-free use and features its own motor powered by the rotary hammer’s battery, an automatic power on/off, an automatic and simultaneous start with the rotary hammer, and two second extraction period once drilling has ended.

What They Say

“The GDE18V-16 18-volt HEPA dust collector gives users of the Bosch GBH18V-26 rotary hammer the final piece of an end-to-end dust control system that’s completely housed on the hammer. We believe this is a solution that many professionals who drill into concrete will find appealing because it offers them more freedom of movement on the jobsite. There are some jobs where being tethered to a vacuum isn’t workable.”

– Mike Iezzi, Product Manager, Concrete Power Tools, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation

Our Take

OSHA’s respirable silica dust regulations are here to stay. Like them or not, you’ll need to upgrade, retrofit, and otherwise make accommodations to be compliant soon if you haven’t already. Of course, no one likes to be nannied, and as intelligent adults, we already take precautions when dealing with harmful substances. But silica dust is some pretty nasty stuff that can cause all sorts of devastating ailments after prolonged exposure. Bosch’s answer is the Bosch Cordless HEPA Dust Collector which attaches to the SDS-Plus Bulldog GBH18V-26 and captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and larger.

Bosch Cordless HEPA Dust Collector

Field Notes

We’ve seen plenty of impressive dust collectors from several manufacturers as everyone works toward full Table 1 compliance. They’re all designed to virtually eliminate the risk of breathing in one little concrete speck.

This model is no different in its capabilities. It’s easy to install and doesn’t need another battery since it pulls straight from the tool. In our testing, it does a fantastic job of clearing dust that would normally end up airborne.

Bosch Cordless HEPA Dust Collector
Guess which hole was drilled with the dust collector?

While it does add some weight to the tool, it doesn’t make unnecessarily heavy or too forward leaning. Granted, I didn’t have any overhead drilling to do, but you’re adding 2.6 pounds to make the whole setup around 10 pounds with a battery. That’s still lighter than most SDS-Max rotary hammers without dust extraction.

One Size Fits… One?

At the moment, the Bosch GDE18V-16 only fits the Bulldog BGH18V-26. As a solid product for its foundation and with Core 18V batteries opening up new doors, it would be nice for Bosch to make any new cordless rotary hammers compatible with this system. For guys like Dan Elms who work on their own, it’s a big help to be able to move the same collector from one drill to the next instead of buying one for every model you own.

There are a couple of limitations that might stall that thought, though. First, this collector only covers you up to a 5/8″ bit. With my eyes looking forward to a cordless SDS-Max rotary hammer from Bosch, that capacity won’t cut it. You’re also looking at a 3.93″ maximum drilling depth with the unit installed. If you need to drill deeper, you’ll want to look at something more along the line of a collection shroud to pair with your dust extractor. Of course, if you’re drilling holes for concrete chemical anchors, Bosch SpeedClean bits can help you work around the need for either type of attachment.

Bosch Cordless HEPA Dust Collector

Price and Value

At $48.95, the Bosch Cordless HEPA Dust Collector is a pretty inexpensive way to make your rotary hammer nearly dust-free. Considering a portable dust extractor can set you back $500 or more for each one and a dust shroud is another $60 or so, it’s a compelling option if the drilling capacity is right for the work you do.

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Bosch Cordless HEPA Dust Collector Features

  • For Use With GBH18V-26 Rotary Hammer
  • Dedicated Motor
  • Automatic On/Off
  • Automatic and Simultaneous Start With Rotary Hammer
  • 2 Second Extraction Period After Drilling Has Ended
  • Uses Rotary Hammer’s Battery

Bosch Cordless HEPA Dust Collector Specifications

  • Model Number: GDE18V-16
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Length: 14.4 inches
  • Height: 6 inches
  • Inlet Diameter: 0.62-inch
  • Price: $48.95
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