Dickies Relaxed Fit Yard Dyed Shirt

Dickies Relaxed Fit Yard Dyed Shirt

The Dickies Relaxed Fit Yarn Dyed Shirt is a lightweight, comfortable button-down that’s perfect for warm weather. Why talk about it in December?

With Christmas coming up, it a great last-minute gift to add to the lift that will have you thinking more about the beach than freezing temperatures!


  • Relaxed, comfortable fit
  • 8 color options
  • Excellent value
  • Patterns hide sweat well
  • 60% cotton/40% polyester moves well without trapping body odor


  • No major drawbacks


Dickies’ Relaxed Fit Yarn Dyed Shirt is going to fit best in casual and light work environments. It’s a good look for Pros that split their time between the office and the job site during warmer months.


The Dickies Relaxed Fit Yard Dyed Shirt goes with a 2.8-ounce  60% cotton, 40% polyester blend. That gives it a lightweight, breathable feel that has some stretch and wicks better than 100% cotton.

Dickies Relaxed Fit Yard Dyed Shirt

Keeping the cotton in there also gives it a more traditional feel than the slicker 100% polyester materials. What I like best about this blend is that it doesn’t seem to draw body odor into it as much as my dry fit polyester shirts do.

Fit and Style

Dickies Relaxed Fit Yard Dyed ShirtThis is a short sleeve, button down, relaxed fit shirt. The size chart online is accurate and I’m able to stick with my normal large sizing.

The relaxed fit lets the shirt hang loose and move easily. You’ll also get a lot of airflow through it.

I got my hands on the Dusty Blue Check color. What I like about this pattern and the others in this style is that it does a nice job of hiding sweat that builds up over the day. Whether I’m on the job or not, I have a pretty high sweat rate and there are few things worse than visible armpit sweat in a casual setting.

This style looks best when you wear it untucked. I like it with jeans or khaki shorts, but it’s versatile enough to go with almost any casual or work pant.

You can wear the shirt on its own buttoned up or layer it with something like a Dickies Temp IQ t-shirt buttoned or unbuttoned. Just keep it buttoned if you’re wearing it while working with power tools that can catch look clothing.

Color Options

  • Black White Large Plaid
  • Red Blue Plaid
  • Rinsed Red Blue White
  • Blue Gray Plaid
  • Dusty Blue Check (pictured in this review)
  • Black Blue Gray Check
  • Tonal Blue Plaid
  • Gray Check


Regular price on the Dickies Relaxed Fit Yard Dyed Shirt is $19.99 – $24.99. As of December 12th, they’re on sale for $17.99 – $19.99. Just hurry – several sizes are already sold out!

The Bottom Line

The Dickies Relaxed Fit Yard Dyed Shirt is a comfortable, breathable shirt that’s a good fit for casual or light work environments where a short sleeve button-down is appropriate. Grab a couple of these for summer when you’re going between the office and the job site to check on progress.

Dickies Relaxed Fit Yard Dyed Shirt Specifications

  • Colors: 8
  • Style: Short sleeve, button-down
  • Fit: Relaxed
  • Pockets: 2 with pencil division
  • Material: 2.8 oz. plain weave polyester/cotton blend
  • Regular Price: $19.99 – $24.99

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