Hangtight Ladder Accessory Preview

Hangtight applications

The Hangtight will Benefit Anyone Who Uses Extension Ladders

A pretty cool new ladder accessory came across our radar recently – the Hangtight Extension Ladder Tool Hanger. The guys have been buzzing about the possibilities of how they would use this to make the jobsite safer and easier to work on. We thought choosing the right ladder was the end of the decision-making process—now it seems we may start looking into helpful ladder accessories.

The Hangtight tool hanger allows tradesmen and homeowners to easily and securely hang tools, tool bags, buckets, or paint cans from extension ladders. This hook-like tool hanger is lightweight, compact, and designed to be durable. The accessory is rated to securely hold up to 35 lbs (15 kg) of weight. The Hangtight hook can be installed on either side of an extension ladder. It’s designed to fit all modern Louisville or Werner extension ladders and many others—we can’t wait to try it out on a Little Giant SumoStance extension ladder we have around the offices.

“The Hangtight ladder accessory is a great product for pros and homeowners that work between the ground and the roof. You can take the weight off of yourself while you’re working from the ladder. If something happens that forces you to stop, like needing to refill paint or cleaning solution, you don’t have to take all the accessories down with you. Most importantly when that happens, you’ll be able to climb with two hands available.”

-Kenny Koehler, Pro Tool Reviews Managing Editor


Hangtight Instuctions

Hangtight Instructions and Safety Tips

  1. Firmly grasp the Handtight like you would the handlebar of a bicycle
  2. Turn the knob clockwise with your other hand until it expands to almost fit your ladder rung
  3. Insert the Hangtight into the open end of a ladder rung until it stops
  4. Turn the knob clockwise until the Hangtight securely locks into place
  5. The Hangtight is now ready for use

Hangtight Ladder Accessory Usage Guidelines

  • Do not exceed 35 lbs/15 kg
  • To remove turn knob counter-clockwise until loose and slide out
  • Always set ladder at the proper angle on level ground
  • Do not move ladders with anything hanging from a Hangtight
  • Do not use Hangtight for anything other than its intended purpose

Hangtight Tool Hanger

Hangtight Tools LLC was founded in 2015 by M. Cory Gordon. Cory is a lifelong carpenter, builder, creator and innovator. The original sketch for the Hangtight was made in 2006.  Since then, nearly 30 different Hangtight designs and prototypes have been built and tested. The recent version of the Hangtight tool hanger is being handmade in Longmont, Colorado and is a Made in the USA product.

You can buy Hangtight tool hanger by 1, 3, 6, and 12 packs with price ranges from $39.95, $113.86, $215.73, and $407.49 respectively. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. There’s also a free shipping promotion running for US based customers. Discover more on their website!

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