Pro Plug System for PVC Decks

Pro Plug System

The Pro Plug System for PVC Decks Leaves Professional Results

New from Starborn is the Pro Plug System designed to leave professional, clean results on your next deck project. When you look at the typical deck build, there are screws. That’s just the way it is. Some folks prefer to drive them flush, others to sink them down. With wood decks, there’s not a whole lot you can do about it… at least not that looks attractive or natural. PVC decks are a completely different ball game though. Since it is a synthetic material that doesn’t swell like wood, it leaves the possibilities open to do more.

The Pro Plug System starts with the Pro Plug PVC Tool. It attaches to your drill/driver to sink the fasteners. It’s design ensures that each fastener is drilled to exactly the same depth. It’s Auto-Stop mechanism disengages the bit from the fastener to eliminate the screw from stripping inside the hole. The free spinning stop collar has an o-ring that prevents damage to the deck board surface when the correct depth is achieved. The bits themselves are replaceable if they are damaged and there are specific bits for trim work and deck work.

Next in the Pro Plug System is the fastener. You have a choice between a stainless screw (10 x 2-1/2″) or epoxy coated (10 x 2-3/4″). Once they are driven using the PVC Tool, it leaves the perfect hole for the plug without the need for pre-drilling.

Finally, the hole is sealed off using the plugs. These are created from the same deck boards and trim that you are using to build the deck, so color and grain are perfectly matched. Currently, the Pro Plug System is being launched for use with Azek and TUFboard decking. Starborn plans to add more manufacturers’ decking in the future.

Pro Plug System

“Starborn is very excited about this newest addition to the Pro Plug line,” said Starborn’s Larry Crossley. “We listened to builders and their concerns about existing plug systems for PVC decking and trim, and we responded with an innovative solution: the Pro Plug System for PVC. This is a big improvement over what has been out there for the past several years. The result is a virtually flawless system.”

The combination of screws sunk below the surface and plugs that match the deck boards results in a very clean, professional look to your deck. For more information about the Pro Plug System for PVC decks, visit Starborn’s website by clicking here or check out the 16 second intro video below.

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