October 21, 2021

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Veto Pro Pac Cargo Totes Preview

Two new Veto Pro Pac Cargo Totes offer wide mouth openings along with the durable design that it has built a reputation for. According to Veto Pro Pac founder, Roger Brouard, the new totes offer “a versatile storage solution for a wide variety of job site situations. They are perfect as a catch-all bag for raiding the van, a carry-all bag for end of the day cleanup, and they provide a more efficient way to organize the back of the truck.”

The new Veto Pro Pac Cargo Totes are made from 1800 Denier Body Fabric and feature leather handle grips as well as Veto ‘s signature 3 mm polypropylene waterproof base. The patent pending design keeps the bags standing upright and open at all times. In addition to the applications for the job site, these totes are useful anytime that a heavy duty bag is required or preferred.

There are two sizes available. The Veto Pro Pac CT-LC is 14.5 inches tall, 13.5 inches long, and 9.5 inches wide. The CT-XL is 16.5″ x 17″ x 9.5″. Both models feature 5 tiered pockets. MSRP for the CT-LC is $84.95 while the CT-XL is $99.95 and both come with Veto’s 5 year no downtime warranty. The Veto Pro Pac tool bags we’ve had the chance to get our hands on have lived up to the claims and there’s no reason to think that these offerings will be anything less than the quality we’ve come to expect. A handful of retailers are taking pre-orders at the time of writing (late February) and they are expected to hit shelves by March 1st.  For more information, visit Veto Pro Pac’s website.

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