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Strap Sack Tie Down Storage Review

Just slip the Strap Sack over your existing tie-down ratchets for a simple and effective solution to eliminate the issues that come from tangled straps and long tails that flap wildly as you drive. With the Strap Stacks installed over your tie-down ratchets you will also have a handy place to store the strap when not in use and protect the ratcheting mechanism from the weather.



Strap Sack Tie Down StorageThe Strap Sack is a great example of how a simple invention can make life so much better. Better for those of us that have to suffer though sifting and untangling a pile of tie-down straps and bungee cords. I know what it is like because I have suffered many a time for this. The Strap Sack is exactly what I needed – and apparently the company thinks you need it too. Strap Sack is made out of a durable, UV resistant ripstop nylon. There is a parachute cord draw string on the top, open end, of the sack with a plastic quick adjust tab that keeps the bag closed. On the other smaller end, there is a zip-tie installed inside the loop that you pass the strap though. Pretty much what you do is slip the Strap Sack over your existing ratcheting tie-down strap with the short section of the strap sticking though the hole. Simply cinch up the zip-tie to the strap to keep it in place over the ratchet mechanism. Now what you do is use your tie-down strap in the way you normally would to secure your load. When things are all tightened up, pull the Sack Strap over the ratchet, tuck in the tail of the excess strap and cinch the bag closed. No more trying to tie off or wrapping the excess strap around things to secure it. In literally seconds we installed and used the Strap Sacks on our tie-downs. Once you are all done with your tie-down straps, you simply stuff the straps into the bag and cinch it closed to store them. No more tangles or knots. The particular Strap Stacks we received were designed to work with 1″ wide nylon straps; for wider straps they have you covered with a larger model. The Strap Sack is available in Orange, Blue, Red, Black and the latest variety of Camouflage.

Strap Sack Tie Down Storage application

Easy to implement on your existing tie-downs



Strap Sack Tie Down Storage application 2The Strap Sack is a simple and effective organization solution to the all too common problem of tangled tie-down straps. With a super easy installation on your existing straps that takes just a few seconds, it will make it easier to use your tie-downs and also store them when not in use. For our Performance rating we gave the Strap Sack a 7/10 since it does well to solve a common dilemma with a simple solution. For our Value rating we also gave it a 7/10 because the product is very reasonably priced and is something that everyone that has tie-down straps needs. One day we maybe we will see a larger distribution of these in more retail locations.


About Strap Sack

Strap Sack, LLC is located in Bend, Oregon and is the inventor of the Strap Sack.

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