FLIR One Pro Coming to a Smartphone Near You

FLIR One Pro

FLIR Systems recently announced the launch of the FLIR One Pro thermal camera attachment for smartphones. It features FLIR’s thermal microcamera core known as Lepton, the patented multispectral dynamic imaging (MSX) technology designed to improve image quality and readability, VividIR advanced image processing, multiple spot temperatures, one-touch reporting capabilities, full integration with the FLIR Tools app for in-depth data analysis, the new One Fit adjustable-height connector, and a ruggedized design.

The FLIR One Pro, priced at $399.99, will be available in the first half of 2017 at established FLIR partners and at

Our Take

FLIR One Pro

It’s crazy to think back to the summer of 2007. The original iPhone had just launched and people were lined up to get their hands on the new “smartphone”. Many of us could not have guessed just how powerful these handheld computers would become. Those that could probably retired from the stock increases.

Nearly ten years later, we’re running thermal cameras as plug and play attachments to our smartphones. Not only that, but they’re also affordable.

Taking the FLIR One series to a higher level, designers gave us MSX – a combination of thermal and visual image that changes the game. We first saw it on the FLIR C2. MSX uses a two camera system to give you hard lines to match up with the thermal image, making identification of objects much easier.

So what’s the difference between the $199 FLIR One Gen 3 and the $399 FLIR One Pro? Mainly you get much higher thermal resolution at 160 x 120 and a slightly wider field of view. You also get FLIR’s VividIR – an upgraded image processing system that results in more crisp and detailed images.

Flir One Pro Manufacturer’s Key Features

  • Flir Lepton thermal microcamera core
  • MSX multispectral dynamic imaging
  • VividIR advanced image processing
  • Multiple spot temperatures
  • One-touch reporting
  • Integrated with the Flir Tools app
  • OneFit adjustable-height connector
  • Ruggedized design

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