October 18, 2021

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Klein ET16 Borescope

Klein ET16 Borescope for Android

Klein Borescope Unlocks Android Potential The Klein ET16 Borescope pairs a 9mm digital camera to a 10-foot armored gooseneck cable. It also includes USB-C and micro-USB connections for viewing the image on most Android smartphones and devices. We like compact camera heads and good flexibility. Klein seems to have hit both with the ET16—and at […]

Ridgid Micro CA-350 Inspection Camera

Ridgid Micro CA-350 Inspection Camera

Ridgid recently announced its next-generation hand-held inspection cameras with the Ridgid Micro CA-350 Inspection Camera and Micro CA-150. As you surely expect, these carry a design to help plumbers inspect, locate, and diagnose issues. The Micro CA-350 Inspection Camera features a 12V rechargeable Li-Ion battery, image rotation, digital zoom, and up to a 32GB memory […]

FLIR One Pro

FLIR One Pro Coming to a Smartphone Near You

FLIR Systems recently announced the launch of the FLIR One Pro thermal camera attachment for smartphones. It features FLIR’s thermal microcamera core known as Lepton, the patented multispectral dynamic imaging (MSX) technology designed to improve image quality and readability, VividIR advanced image processing, multiple spot temperatures, one-touch reporting capabilities, full integration with the FLIR Tools app for in-depth data […]

Milwaukee M12 M-Spector Flex System with flexible inspection camera

Milwaukee M12 M-Spector Flex System with PIVOTVIEW Camera Head

The new Milwaukee M12 M-Spector Flex System with PivotView camera head is the latest addition to Milwaukee’s expanding M12 product line. Realistically speaking, this new inspection device is an enhanced version for the M-Spector line. The most notable difference of the recordable inspection camera is the PivotView camera head cable, which gives users more control of the camera for fast […]

Ryobi Phone Works

Introducing Ryobi Phone Works

Remember when a cell phone was just a phone? Yeah, those days are way behind us now. We surf the web, text, check and send email, fling ill-tempered birds around, and now… use it for professional level measuring applications thanks to Ryobi Phone Works. First of all, unlike many useful but annoying apps, Ryobi Phone […]

Ridgid SeeSnake

Ridgid SeeSnake Mini Video Inspection System

Ridgid SeeSnake Mini Offers Self-Leveling Camera The Ridgid SeeSnake Mini Video Inspection System features an optional self-leveling camera to ensure that the image you’re seeing is always upright. Aside from the self-leveling capability, there is also the difference in lighting between the two heads. The self-leveling camera is aided by 18 LED’s while the standard […]

Triplett CobraCam PRO

The Triplett CobraCam Pro 8125 is being introduced this April with some features that will be sure to please contractors in need of an inspection camera. The camera itself is 8 mm in diameter and water resistant all the way up to the main unit. Four LED lights illuminate dark spaces and are also adjustable […]

General Tools PalmScope and IRT/NCV/Flashlight Multi-Tool

General Tools has a pair of new offerings to kick off 2014: the DCS950 General Tools PalmScope video inspection system and the VR40 4:1 IR Thermometer with NCV Detector and Flashlight. The VR40 took home the Pro Tool Innovation Award for Thermal Imaging in the Tests and Measurements category. Here’s a closer look at the DCS950 […]

Inspection Cameras Comparison Head to Head

If I’m being completely honest, reviewing digital inspection cameras or scopes is something I initially wanted to put into the hands of a licensed plumber. But then my brother-in-law and I tackled a large rewiring project, and I saw how handy they were in that application. Soon after that, another friend of mine asked to […]

Milwaukee 2313-21 M12 M-Spector 360 Inspection Camera Preview

Milwaukee M-Spector 360 Inspection Camera Preview

At the 2011 Milwaukee New Tools Press Event, Corey Dickert gave us an up-close-and-personal look at the M-Spector 360 – the company’s newest inspection camera. What probably impressed us the most was it’s small focal length. At just 1″ away, the camera gave a really good view of materials and let you get right up close to check out what’s happening in pipes, behind walls, etc. Most inspection cameras can’t get that close without losing focus. We also appreciated the detailed and colorful images that the new camera presented. There is at least one competitor that does an equally impressive job, but the Milwaukee is far and above most of the typical inspection camera, which looks, for all intents and purposes, black and white. It also has a very narrow 9mm camera head as opposed to the more common 17mm head. Right off the bat it’s already suited for residential, commercial AND automotive applications. In our hands-on use of the camera we examined jean material, circuit boards, and Cat 5e cable close-up and the images were excellent.